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FitFluential Is Fitness Found
Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador Badge

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins (+ Giveaway)


These muffins are truly a taste of peanut butter heaven. The problem with peanut butter is when, combined with a lot of

Homemade Lip Exfoliating Treatment


Now that summer has come and gone, I find myself applying more lip balm, lotion, and drinking more water to combat dryness. Fall is notorious for not helping the dry situation. If you know me, one of my pet peeves is

Organizing our Low Carb Pantry


I really am not a fan of plastic. I could go into the “it leaches toxins” and that liquidated or softened plastic mimics hormones or whatever other random articles that float around in my facebook feed, BUT… I’m not completely ridiculous about why

Low Carb Zucchini Cake


About this time of year, my family starts making the well loved chocolate zucchini cake. I’ve never heard of anyone not falling in love with this dessert…and with dozens of zucchini coming from our garden it’s not hard to convince ourselves it’s time for cake

Low Carb Six in a Pan


My best friend makes the best desserts. Actually. She posted a no sugar, low carb dessert a couple weeks ago on her Facebook and I couldn’t help but try it. It is layers upon layers; hence the six in a pan, which to put in her own words

Where I’m At


I feel this deep sense of relief. It’s been over 7 months since my car accident and only a few days ago I had my final doctor’s appointment. After my examination, the doctor cleared me to be able to work again. You have no idea how amazing this feels

14 Healthy College Lunches


I have been m.i.a for far too long. I had a list of excuses of how life has a way of crowding out blogging…but then I thought, “Why do I need to make excuses?”. Seriously, sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s fine. I needed some time off and have decided to not be hard on myself when, once in a while, I don’t… Read More

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