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7 Colourful Things

It’s time for another edition of “things that bring me colour”! This whole season of life has been so magical (I’ll fill you in soon!), but

…first of all, this month’s 7 colourful things…


1. This fall – even though the leaves are dying, the sky is greyer, and the cold has set in, something about it all makes my heart feel extra alive. I know it’s classic “white girl” thing to say, but I really can’t say no to pumpkin flavoured everything, big sweaters, and cozy coffee shop days. I pride myself from staying away from the Ugg boots though…we’ll just see how long that lasts.


2. These headphones (by 66 Audio) – I’ve been wanting wireless headphones for a while now (for working out) and so I got really excited when 66 Audio sent me some. It was needed. When I’m out doing resistance training in the park or going for a run, the worst thing is getting myself tangled in the earbud wires. The worst. Picture me doing burpees when my arm gets in the way of the wires…what happens next appears as if I’m suffering from a spastic attack, my ears hurt, and that moment never fails to startle me…overall, it’s just not nice.


I’m telling ‘ya, it’s amazing to just do my thing with music/podcasts. The sound quality is fantastic, they’re comfy, they stay where they’re supposed to and the 66 audio headphones even notifies you when a call comes in…whether or not you’re in the middle of listening to something. Come back to my blog next Tuesday for a giveaway or else try them out here!


3. This ginger tonic – lately with all the driving I’ve been doing, I’ve been feeling extra queasy with motion sickness (a tendency of mine if I’m not control of the driving). This ginger soother helps. It’s strong, so just taking little sips while driving just helps so much.


4. This quote – it’s true ‘yo. Everything that is worth working hard for and it’s usually far past the comfort zone.


5. This drink – I’ve discovered sparkling coffee tea at one of my local coffee shops. It’s a cold, carbonated tea made from the fruit of the coffee plant. I love mixing it with an unsweetened nutmilk and NuNaturals vanilla stevia and pouring it over ice for a mid-afternoon pick me up.


6. This lunch – every couple days I have this for lunch (or dinner!). It’s basically just loads, and I mean loads of veggies, lightly tossed with coconut oil and spices in the frying pan (I use a ceramic one – try it, it’s healthier!). Then I top those vegetables with an egg or two and I’m stuffed to the gills.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

7. The city – it sounds like a cliché kind of thing to say…but for me, it’s a thing. I’m so inspired by the city I live in. It’s beautiful in an eclectic kind of way – coloured by a wide demographic of people and cultures, old architecture, and natural beauty that makes me give a happy sigh inside. Whenever I have an afternoon to myself, that’s my favourite thing to do – just explore, meeting people, and get lost.

Yah, mostly just get lost.

What is something that is bringing your life colour lately?

Disclaimer: Sometimes these posts are sponsored or there are affiliate links, but only by products/brands that I’m actually obsessed with. I will always give you my honest opinion and I share what I love.








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6 Responses to “7 Colourful Things”

  1. Lois

    I am filling boxes for Operation Christmas Child, a charity of Samaritans Purse, the world’s largest Christian disaster relief organization. I love to fill the shoeboxes for children in need around the world, and giving each one a theme can be fun and challenging. I pick a color — maybe lime green or purple, blue or yellow — whatever, and choose items with that color: pencils, pencil case, small stapler, notebook, hair bows and bands, bracelet, socks, toothbrush and soap case, washcloth, toy, and so on. I end up with a rainbow of boxes! I have posted some of the photos on my pinterest page, hopefully to inspire others! Collection week for the boxes is the third week of November every year, so now is the busy time, assembling everything I’ve collected throughout the year.

  2. Charissa

    Lois – That’s wonderful! Our church just handed out theirs…such an amazing organization – bringing so much happy and colour into kid’s lives!

  3. Kayleigh | Whisks & Wooden Spoons

    I’m with you on the whole, can’t say no to pumpkin-spice anything, thing… I love the fall colours, and warm drink and sweaters. The blue in my little girl’s eyes. Silly giggles from my boys. The scruff and chunky sweaters on my hubby. Time with friends. Just a few things that bring my life colour. (PS – It’s great to read some blog posts from you again!)

  4. Charissa

    Kayleigh – Aw, so good to hear from yoU! I love your list — so so good! “the blue in your daughter’s eyes” — so precious. Hope you’re doing fantastic!

  5. Sara Moser

    Your skin looks amazing! Please share some of your skincare and makeup secrets!

  6. Charissa

    Sara – Thank you! I’ve come a long way with my skin, but it’s still not perfect…but I’m happy with how it is now. Maybe someday I’ll do a post on it! ;)

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