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Beginner’s Crossfit Workout


So this girl…as in me, has a cold. And a cough.

I know right. Falling apart over here.

Because of feeling terrible I didn’t Continue reading »

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Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Explained


Aerobic Exercise

Let’s get down to the basics. We hear exercise and fitness terms daily, but do we know  what they really mean?

Whether your workout of choice is jogging, cycling, walking or dancing, there’s a good chance that you are performing aerobic exercise. This type of exercise is the most common form of cardio, and it’s what most people consider when they want to

Continue reading »

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Finance Friendly Fitness Tips (guest post)


Today we have a guest post from David Ingram, a content writer for Focus Training. When he isn’t writing about fitness he enjoys running 3 times a week in preparation for the Leeds 10k run.

So…here’s David! Continue reading »

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Soldiers of Steel Workout


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel.

Being a FitFluential ambassador has way too many perks to name, but one thing I love is discovering so many amazing resources for health/fitness I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Example: The Soldiers of Steel workout…the National Guard has teamed up with the movie “Man of Steel” producing a pretty crazy workout program Continue reading »

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What’s Beautiful


As part of being a FitFluential ambassador, I’m in a campaign with Under Armour to promote their What’s Beautiful challenge.


It’s for women who want to push past where they have been before…to put a goal out to the world and go after it in a big way. But they’re also opening up their site to teams of women who want to complete goals together. You can post your goals and challenges online, set up a profile, and there’s even a chance to win Under Armour gear as you work towards your goals.

You can join the challenge here, there’s lot of support and lovely ladies there…or you can join a team (here’s mine – geared to sticking to nutrition).

I love that Under Armour views beauty in terms of character – not outward appearance.

Under Armour Campaign

As part of this campaign, Under Armour sent me some goodies…I can’t wait to wear those shoes. The leopard print is kind of awesome! I also joined the challenge myself, you can find me here!

Beauty is so much more than the outward and it’s refreshing to see businesses’ that show that it’s character that makes people beautiful.


Never Give Up

Tell me what character quality you find most beautiful? Are you going to join the What’s Beautiful project?

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Crunch Time Workout


Last week I was able to try an hour long core class at a gym. It was a crazy workout and I thought I’d die, but I LOVED it.

Core work is one of my favourite workouts. It’s also the part of our body that is one of the most important to train. For strength and stability Continue reading »

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5 Great Exercises for Warm Up


It’s Motivational Monday and today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite exercises for warming up before a workout. Honestly, I never used to care about warming up. I’d just jump right into my workout. Not the best idea. However, now I’m a Continue reading »

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