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My First Trail Run


Trail Run 01

For a couple years I’ve had it on my bucket list to do a trail run. A few weeks ago I found out a couple of my brothers were doing one so I decided that this year, I’d join in on the fun. I didn’t have as much time to train for it, but I was able to get up to 6 miles.

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Moonlight 10K Run Recap


Moonlight Race 01

I’m alive.

Honestly, it was one of the most unique runs I’ve ever done for the following reasons Continue reading »

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The Power of a Challenge – My 10K Race


Race 01

Yesterday I had planned to run a 5k with my sister and my brother at our hometown’s yearly “celebrate-our-lovely-little-village” day. You know, with a parade, mud bogs, baseball tournaments, exhibits, and races. We thought it’d be a fun experience and I hadn’t run a 5k in a long time Continue reading »

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My First Marathon (part 2)


Marathon 01

Happy National Runner’s Day! What better way to honour today than to finish my writing my race recap. I’m most certainly not going to celebrate it by going for a run…I’m still a bit too sore for that! I still can’t believe it’s Continue reading »

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My First Marathon (part 1)


Marathon 01

I did it! I ran 26.2 miles yesterday and I’m still alive. I’m still can’t believe I did it. This was always an elusive dream for me that I never really thought I could do, and then last year after my second half marathon I knew right after the race that I would do a marathon Continue reading »

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What To Pack On Race Day


Pre Marathon 01

Hey there folks! I’m about to go to bed and get my pre-marathon rest, so I have to make this post short. I’m in an odd state of shock that I’m running a marathon tomorrow. I am SO excited, but I don’t Continue reading »

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Preparation for the Week Before a Marathon


Marathon 03

First of all, I just want to thank all of you that have been commenting and praying for my niece, which is so special to me! She’s still in ICU, but she’s a little more stable. The doctors are still running tests and trying to figure out what is going on, but everything seems to be Continue reading »

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