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Hey friend! I now have a blog at Wing It My Way. I still share wellness and my holistic lifestyle, but also my travels as a flight attendant and travel blogger.

I have fallen deeply and madly in love with the travel lifestyle, pursuing spiritual wholeness, all while chasing all the dreams put in my heart. Oh, and I got married to the most amazing Dutchman! Lots of fun stuff over at my new blog!

I so hope you stop by and we can reconnect again. I have the best memories and have met so many incredible people through this channel! 🦋💕 so much love xx


Hello everyone! My name is Charissa…welcome to Colourful Palate!

This is where I share my passion for a low sugar lifestyle, my love for whole foods, fitness, and my favourite low carb recipes. My hope is that this site will motivate and encourage others to live healthy, full, and balanced lives. I’ve always been a bit crazy about health stuff, but in the last couple years I’ve left the “extreme” (i.e. nit-picky) side and now focus on being more balanced. I firmly believe in desserts, especially when a healthier version is made.

On this site, I focus on recipes that are fast to whip up, easy to make, kid-friendly, low carb, free from sugar, and that taste really good! Every time I’m in the kitchen dreaming up a new recipe, I always make sure the recipe fits these qualifications…I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hours to spend on time consuming gourmet recipes. It’s probably because I invent recipes when I’m already starving, but I want healthy food that tastes delicious…quickly.

I’m also known for my obsession with smoothies, which includes my yearly Colourful Smoothie Challenge.

I also do reviews on a natural products which I love to pieces – from products I heart, natural makeup and body care, and fashion. There are lot of giveaways accompanying my reviews, which are super fun. I love introducing my readers to some of my favourite things!

Learning how to fuel my body is very fascinating to me…I just love finding out some of the superpowers of food and how they can help treat specific problems. I believe that a healthy lifestyle and diet should be the base of pursuing other interests. If your brain and body is fueled properly, we can do everything else so much better, whether it be shooting baskets, researching a paper, or painting a picture. I want to learn all I possibly can, so if you have any secrets, please feel free to share!

Kindly remember that I am not a registered dietitian and what I learn and share is from my own research and experience. Everyone is different, so do what is exactly perfect for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog!