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Satisfying Protein Pancake

Satisfying Protein Pancake - banana free - Low carb- THM-S - Gluten Free

There was a popular protein pancake that went viral on the internet a while ago. I used to make it all the time…but it largely used a banana for the base of the recipe. This is okay, but I wanted to keep the recipe lower carb/low in sugars, so I stopped making it. And I started to miss it.

Then yesterday, I thought why couldn’t I replace the banana with a thick yogurt.

Enter Olympic Krema Greek Style Thick & Rich Yogurt. Hands down, this has been one of my favourite yogurts. It’s so thick and creamy…and it’s my favourite bedtime snack. I have bought it for years and it has been the STAR of my sugar-free, low carb frozen yogurt recipes! (Try this irresistible strawberry froyo or the blueberry flavour and thank me later!).

My favourite Greek yogurt by Olympic

This breakfast is a fantastic start to your day as it has protein, a little healthy fat, and a TON of fibre! With it’s low carb count it won’t become human padding AND it will get you burning fat right off the bat! This protein pancake serves one.

Satisfying Protein Pancake

  1. 1 egg
  2. 1/8 cup Krema Olympic Greek Style Thick & Rich Yogurt
  3. 2 tbsp. oat fibre
  4. 1 heaping tbsp. protein powder*
  5. little stevia
  6. sprinkle of sea salt
  7. dash of cinnamon

Directions: Mix all ingredients until smooth. Cook in frying pan until little bubbles come up on top and the edges feel solid. Flip and finish cooking.

Top with more Olympic Krema Yogurt (I like mixing a little vanilla stevia in first) and a drizzle of sugar-free syrup or a low sugar fruit like raspberries or blueberries.

Satisfying Protein Pancake Recipe - THM - S, low carb, sugar free

I love that this company is Canadian and all their products are made in Delta, B.C. with 100% natural ingredients. They also have an Olympic Vanilla Kefir that just came out, alongside the plain and strawberry flavours. For those of you who might not know, kefir is a probiotic, fermented milk that contains 2 billion probiotics (per 250 ml) and is great for a healthy digestive flora. Olympic Kefir is organic, contains 10 different bacterial cultures and is low fat with only 1% M.F. Seriously one of my favourite bevys. It’s local, organic, and refreshingly smooth. Definitely try other Olympic Dairy products like Olympic Organic Probiotic Yogurt, you will love. For more recipe inspiration using Olympic Dairy products, visit their website.

Olympic Yogurts - no fat to a higher fat which is perfect for E to S THM meals! - Copy

Yogurt lover for liiiiiiife.

Did you ever get into the protein pancake phase? What’s your favourite recipe to use Greek yogurt in?

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Ultima Foods, the opinions and language are my own.

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4 Responses to “Satisfying Protein Pancake”

  1. Michaell | Foodscape

    This recipe is genius! I love the ingredients in this pancake. I’m always searching for the perfect pancake for me and I think using yogurt may be it. Love the idea of achieving that buttermilk flavor without using buttermilk.

    I was just talking about pancakes with my family and how my dad loves his pancakes dense and thin and how I love mine thick and fluffy. This pancake looks like the perfect compromise while still having a healthy twist.

  2. Annie

    What a superb twist! I have got to try this and that yogurt sounds amazing!

  3. Korinn Marzocco

    I just tried this! I used vanilla greek yogurt and vanilla protien powder.
    I doubled it because I hadn’t had lunch and it was for dinner! I am stuffed!! I did not need to double it!
    I thank you for this. I love pancakes but trying to not eat the bad flour and fat.
    I did a tbsp of jam but with the vanilla flavour it was almost a dessert for supper. I will definitely eat again and pass it on

  4. Ava

    Your pancake is looking yummy.
    I never heard that the pancake could be made with Yogurt.
    I definitely gonna try this at my home :)

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