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Organizing our Low Carb Pantry

I really am not a fan of plastic. I could go into the “it leaches toxins” and that liquidated or softened plastic mimics hormones or whatever other random articles that float around in my facebook feed, BUT…

Organize your Low Carb Pantry

I’m not completely ridiculous about why I don’t like it…mostly I just think that food/beverages taste better when not stored in plastic and I don’t like the look of it.

This is so much prettier.

Organizing our Low Carb Pantry

And so practical.

We recently started storing our pantry items in these pretty glass jars. The great thing is…we got these jars from the dollar store. I think in my own future pantry I’d want to get those chalkboard stickers and use chalk to label my ingredients, but cutting out the labels works too!

Some people have been wondering about some of the low carb ingredients we use for baking/cooking. We get pretty much all our low carb/no sugar items from the Trim Healthy Mama online shop. The quality is the best I’ve found, but mostly I love the way these ingredients taste (check out the chocolate zucchini cake recipe if you want to know what I’m talking about!). Their Sweet Blend (picture above) is super good too, as it has a “milder” taste compared to normal stevia and can be used more like sugar.

Best Oat Fiber around from Trim Healthy Mama

The Trim Healthy Mama baking blend is something I really love - from microwave muffins to cakes and breads. It's low carb and so good for you!

If you’re looking for the best low carb baking blend, look no further! The THM blend is perfect…and I’m looking forward to making some low carb muffins with it soon!


Since these pics were taken, more jars were purchased and are now used for our dried fruits, oat bran, oat flour, and coconut flour. Not only is our pantry more organized, guys…it just looks better!

Have you tried any low carb baking blends/flours? Do you have a pantry organizational tip for me?

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2 Responses to “Organizing our Low Carb Pantry”

  1. Elizabeth

    So where did you get the jars??

  2. Charissa

    Elizabeth – The dollar store! <3

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