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Coffee Protein Pick-Me-Up (Fitmixer review)

Protein 01

Until a couple months ago I hadn’t heard of Fitmixer – I think I was missing out. Once I checked out their site I knew they would be a perfect addition to the July smoothie challenge (they are giving one of the winners the product of their choice and a Fitmixer bottle!).

I also got the opportunity to try out their vanilla protein and their chocolate supplement drinks and I have so been loving them. There have been a few times lately where I’m just rushing out the door and I’ll just grab some Fitmixer, shake it up, and drink it on-the-go. I’ve also been using it in some delicious smoothies. Just the other day I made this delicious coffee pick-me-up…

Smoothie 02

Coffee Protein Pick-Me-Up

  1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  2. 1 cup brewed coffee
  3. 1 scoop vanilla Fitmixer protein
  4. 6-10 cubes ice
  5. Truvia (optional – for those who like things extra sweet!)

Blend everything up in your high-speed blender and enjoy! I’ve also even just blended the protein with ice and some nutmilk/water for an extra boost of protein – it’s like a creamy vanilla slushie!

We don’t need all those expensive coffee drinks – just make this! Plus, this has protein in it which will keep your blood sugar stable, make it creamy without extra calories, and keep you fuller. Sometime I’ll have this in the middle of the day to beat that “afternoon slump”.

Protein 03

I love the chocolate Slim Fitmixer as well. The Slim line doesn’t have as much protein, but it has a LOT of fiber and less calories. It’s only 90 calories for one serving! To me, it’s a glorified chocolate milk and satisfies my chocolate cravings. I’m trying to get 25-30 grams of fiber in my diet daily, so this is awesome! It’s also supposed to up your metabolism, supply essential vitamins and minerals, and makes you feel full! I made my Mocha Manipulation Smoothie with this and it was amaaazing.

Smoothie 04

The vanilla Protein Fitmixer is crazy delicious. When you mix it with milk, it literally tastes like melted ice-cream. It has a great taste, but it’s also a wonderful balance of protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals, carbs, and fiber. It’s supposed to decrease your appetite, build lean muscle, and increase your metabolism. Since I seem to be toning up a bit more lately, my guess is that Fitmixer protein is playing a part in that!

Cool Stuff about Fitmixer Products – What Makes it Different

One thing I really like about both Fitmixer products is the slow digesting sweetener they use. It’s called isomaltulose, a natural low-glycemic sugar found in honey and sugar cane, and it actually encourages the use of body fat as energy. I didn’t know a natural sugar had that potential!

It also contains a special blend of ingredients, called Tri-Flow, which is proven to increase nitric oxide in our bodies. For those of you who don’t know what that is (like me, before I looked it up!), nitric oxide can help give you the energy needed to build muscle while reducing fatigue.

I’ve been trying to add more protein to my diet, so thank you Fitmixer for these awesome supplements! Remember, if you participate in the smoothie challenge you might have a chance to win some Fitmixer products!

Have you tried Fitmixer? What are some ways that you incorporate more protein into your diet?

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12 Responses to “Coffee Protein Pick-Me-Up (Fitmixer review)”

  1. Katie @wishandwhimsy

    Sounds delicious! Maybe I’ll try this coffee alternative this weekend. Thanks!

  2. Kierston

    I love adding coffee into my protein shakes! I also make sure I eat Protein with every meal I have :)

  3. Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

    Yum! that coffee smoothie sounds amazing! I am always addicted to smoothies come the summer! I haven’t tried fitmixer yet but I have only heard amazing things about them! I think I need to finally bite the bullet and try them! All of their products and flavors look so good!

  4. Kristen

    Ooh, that looks really good! I’ll have to give it a try.

  5. Yellow Haired Girl

    Yum! I’ve never tried Fitmixer, although I’ve heard lots of good things. I’ve also thought about putting coffee into my smoothies … but never done it! I need to give it a try :)

  6. Dominique @ CraftfullyCooks

    Those look amazing!!! I will definitely put them in my smoothie “queue” :) BTW, Is Fitmixer vegan?

  7. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    I rarely use protein powders except in smoothies, which I also rarely make. I get plenty of protein in my diet because I eat plenty of eggs and meat. I’m dairy, grain, and legume free so I can’t depend on any of those sources for protein. Makes it a bit tricky but I just make sure to have protein at each meal!

  8. Beverly

    I am also a fan of the coffee/protein combo. Perfect in the morning for me!

  9. Amanda @RunToTheFinish

    oh great info on the sweetner as that is definitely a big thing when i am selecting a protein.

    I don’t do coffee, but seriously what a great way to drink it for all my friends who want their daily sweet espresso!

  10. Angie @ Losing It and Loving It

    Yum sounds good to me! I am looking for a chocolate protein powder and just haven’t found one that will fit the budget. Might have to just bite the bullet and try a few. I like to also make quick protein drinks after a workout so this sounds perfect.

  11. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Sounds so good! I have not yet tried Fitmixer but I keep hearing good things about their products. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I’ve never heard of Fitmixer, and have never put coffee in my smoothie. Interesting!

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