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Red Pepper Eggs

Red Pepper Eggs 01

Happy Saturday guys! Today this isn’t really a recipe post…it’s just a fun little post to show you how I did my eggs up this morning.

It’s such a cute way to make them look pretty. Kids think it’s fun. And it’s a great way to prepare eggs when you have guests over…just one of those little things you can do to make things more special.

Red Pepper Eggs 02

It’s ridiculously easy. Just slice your red pepper into rings and fry your eggs right in the middle of that ring! Nothing easier.

Red Pepper Eggs 03

I served mine on a piece of whole wheat toast. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be doing this often! When we have company over, I want to fry up a whole plateful with green, red, and yellow peppers because I think it’d be rawwwther perty. I love details.

Anyway, it’s not as boring as the usual.

Egg 01

Little things do add spice to life.

What are some little details you like to add to make everyday things more special?

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16 Responses to “Red Pepper Eggs”

  1. Chris @ TheKeenanCookbook

    This is a fun way to prepare your eggs!

  2. Shae

    Um. Yum.

    Stealing! :)

  3. anh

    A nice way to serve eggs! yum!

  4. Nadia

    This looks gorgeous! :) Very beautiful :)))

  5. Simone

    Definitely a fun and easy way to pimp up your eggs.. Love it!

  6. Russell at Chasing Delicious

    What an interesting recipe! I love the take on the simple egg. Yum! I am definitely going to try this next time I make eggs.

  7. Elina (Russian Bites)

    So pretty! My husband loves bacon and peppers omelets – this could be a fun take on them (if I add bacon to the eggs). Mmm :)

  8. Katherine Martinelli

    Love this. So fun and simple. Bookmarked1

  9. Clarkie @ Beloved Green

    They look super cute!

  10. Faith

    These are super cute! They really make breakfast feel special!

  11. Good Cooks

    Good idea, the pepper rings looks like a mold, very healthy, light and delicious too. Thank you Charissa.

  12. purabi naha

    This is really a very innovative idea to serve eggs to the kids! Shall definitely give this a try!!

  13. Leanne

    This is so creative! My son would love these :)

  14. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    How pretty!!! Just found the blog btw, and I am loving it :)

  15. Savannah @ Sweet and Savvy

    This is SUCH a cute idea!!

  16. Art with kids

    […] Red pepper eggs […]

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