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Must-Have Chocolate Snack Balls

Must-Have Chocolate Snack Balls 01

Do you ever have a moment where you suddenly, with a strong sense of urgency, realize that you need chocolate…like NOW? The feeling doesn’t crawl upon you slowly; it’s like a zero to sixty emotional response. I know. It’s intense, right? This is much too common in my life, but I don’t mind. Chocolate and I never need a reason to be together. (I hear you…you’re thinking I need therapy – that’s okay. I think so too, which is why I eat chocolate. It really is therapy.) I should move on to the point, before you press the x in the corner of your screen.

Introducing Chocolate Snack Balls for instant chocolate happiness! Please, when I need chocolate like…now…don’t give me a recipe which has you freeze a fudge for 30 minutes or bake it for an hour (plus oven heating time!!!). No, no, no. It must be now or never. Those recipes are for when I feel grown up and patient. This is my sister Anne-Marie’s recipe, who loves chocolate just as much as I do. This makes a dozen largish balls.

Annie’s Must-Have Chocolate Snack Balls

  1. ¾ cup organic peanut butter (or almond butter is great too!)
  2. 2 tbsp. honey (I prefer maple syrup, but both are good)
  3. 2 tbsp. maple syrup
  4. ¼ cup oatmeal
  5. 1/8 cup chocolate chips
  6. ¼ cup dark cocoa

Mix. Nibble on the dough. Mix a little more. Eat more dough.

Roll into balls. Coat in coconut or chopped nuts (but if you’re in MUST-HAVE mode, skip this step!) for pretty-ness sake. There, all finished. They’re really good cold from the freezer too.

I’m actually eating one right now. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Must-Have Chocolate Snack Balls 02

Nutritional Info (per ball): Cals: 132, Fat: 9g, Sodium: 98mg, Carbs:11.5g, Fibre: 2g, Sugars: 7g, Protein: 5g

Today: Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I just got back from a weekend of singing and from my brother’s place. For those of you who are wondering, I’m happy to say that my niece Bethany is now out of the children’s hospital and is at home! It’s not all good news though, because the doctors have finally found what they believe to be wrong…and it’s a very rare disease. We know God will carry my brother’s family through this. She’s getting therapy and the doctors are very hopeful…so that’s encouraging. Thanks again for all your comments and kind words…

In other news…today I’m planning on doing my first run since my marathon. And then I saw this little questionnaire on Carrots N’ Cake and thought it would be fun to fill out! Feel free to fill these questions out in the comment section…I love getting to know my readers!

Favourite treadmill? The big, strong ones that don’t shake like there’s an earthquake coming.

Favourite shoes? My blue Lunarglide Nike+ shoes.

Favourite running song? It changes all the time. Usually some sort of Christian worship song.

Favourite running fuel? Mandarin Orange GU – my newest favourite.

Favourite running accessory? My i-pod and my blue headband.

Favourite race distance? Half marathon. It’s challenging, fun, and feels doable.

Favourite running memory? When I crossed the finish line doing my first marathon, just eight days ago. I’ll never forget that feeling!

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21 Responses to “Must-Have Chocolate Snack Balls”

  1. Kelly

    Yum! They look so good and so EASY!

  2. alison

    We are making these! My boys love all these ingredients…anything with chocolate and peanut butter is always a hit.

    Favorite running accessories–my black Nike hat and apple green ipod

    Favorite race distance–half marathon…for all the reasons you mentioned

    Favorite running memory–running ‘Race for the Cure’ with my 9 year old. It was his first race and we crossed the finish line together!

    Favorite running song–changes all the time

    Favorite shoes–Saucony all the way!

  3. Heidi @ Food Doodles

    Those look so yummy! I’ll have to give them a try, I bet the kids will love them :D

  4. kankana

    I just want to grab one right now and bite into it!!! looks so great .

  5. Jen at The Three Little Piglets

    Yes – I have that thought often! Unfortunately it cost me like $80 at Whole Foods the other day when I stocked up on Sharffen Berger and Valhrona chocolate…. These sounds crazy good!

    I don’t run – I bike…

    Favorite shoes…Nike

    Favorite song…lately it’s I Don’t Need a Man by the PCD

    Favorite Accessory…my sunglasses – they’re lightweight and light in color, but keep out all that bright light that makes it harder to see

  6. Jeanette

    What a nice healthy homemade snack – just one would satisfy any sweet tooth!

  7. EA - The Spicy RD

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :-) I have to say these chocolate snack balls look absolutely amazing! I used to be a runner, but only run occasionally now due to too many injuries, but I love my newish incline Nordic Trac ( 40 % incline gives you a great workout!), and love “A Beautiful Day” by U2 to work out to!

  8. yummy supper

    Peanut butter, chocolate, honey, oatmeal… can I really snack on those;)
    Yes, please! In fact, I would love one right now.

  9. Juanita

    Those look delicious. Like they would go all fudgey if refrigerated for a while.

    I’m sorry that all is not well with your niece. But I am glad they have pin pointed the problem…now you can face the enemy well armed.

    Fun questions…ones I wouldn’t really think about otherwise…

    Favourite treadmill? The outdoor road moving under my feet!

    Favourite shoes? My old Nikes…I have no idea what they are.

    Favourite running song? It endures through my music mood swings: Mama told me not to come by Tom Jones and The Stereophonics

    Favourite running fuel? Banana + Water + Cocoa Powder Smoothie!

    Favourite running accessory? My husband…he’s super motivational when the going gets tough! :-)

    Favourite race distance? Five kilometers….anything longer and I get very bored unless the scenery is exceptional (and I don’t mean sweaty, snotty, hairy runners wearing shorts that are too short!)

    Favourite running memory? Running through the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens in Cape Town at sunset!

    Congrats on the marathon finish…I am, as ever, in awe of people who can commit to training for long distances!

  10. Jill @ Dulce Dough

    Thoughts and prayers for your niece.

    I love your recipe and I think I need chocolate NOW! Congrats on being in the Top 9!

  11. sensiblecooking

    I am glad to find someone who shares the chocolate trouble like me :). Going to make these puppies tonight and will be gone tonight only BTW. Yummy chocolucsious.

  12. briarrose

    These are definitely on my must try list….quick, easy and so good.

  13. Kimberly

    I was intrigued when I read this post. Decided to make them tonight. They are really satisfying. I didn’t feel like going to the store so I chose to make a few changes. I used agave in place of the honey. I have made peanut butter fudge with powdered milk before, so I used that instead of oatmeal. My husband finished off the chocolate chips so I had to do without those…and these delightful little treats were STILL fabulous! Ready in 10 minutes and since they’re rich, you only eat a few. I say that makes them diet food! I’ll try rolling them in mini chips next time.

  14. Alida @ Alida's Kitchen

    These look so tasty and you make them sound so easy. I’m excited to give them a try!

    Favourite treadmill? I prefer running outside.

    Favourite shoes? Addidas trail runners

    Favourite running song? Anything with a good beat – often a good 80’s song will get me moving.

    Favourite running fuel? dried fruit

    Favourite running accessory? Garmin

    Favourite race distance? 10 mile (longest I’ve done, but will be running a half in the fall!!)

    Favourite running memory? The sense of accomplishment as I was nearing the end of my 10 miler. I wish you could bottle that feeling!

  15. shabs

    Mmmmm those chocolate balls look so good , I would love to have one :)

  16. Michelle Benoit (ChocolateCentral)

    Now these are my kind of snack! Although they are fattening they have plenty of nutrition. Chocolate is full of antioxidants, nut butter has plenty of protein, oatmeal is a great source of fiber and manganese, and maple syrup has trace minerals like potassium and calcium. I’ll be eating these guilt-free before I hit the gym. Congrats on creating a great recipe and making Top 9 on Foodbuzz.

  17. Charissa

    Thanks for the congrats on Top 9 peeps! Ya’ll are awesome…so fun to hear what you all love with your running accessories.
    Kimberly~ Your additions/changes to the recipe sound great!
    Michelle~ Hear! Hear! What a great idea…chocolate before gym time. I’m sold.

  18. Miglena

    I make almost the same… they are so delicious…

  19. Maggie @ Vittles and Bits

    Oh my, these look amazing! I love the ingredients too

  20. Chelsea

    What a great recipe! I agree with you; when I want chocolate, I want it at that moment! First time visiting your blog – I really like it! Book marking!

  21. Tess

    I am in “M U S T – H A V E – N O W” mode!

    I did a net search for something I could throw together quickly with items I already have on hand. Your blog come up – talk about kismet. TY!

    In the infamous words of Arnold,
    I’ll be back…to this great spot.

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