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Low Carb Root Beer Float

The no-sugar, low carb root beer float recipe perfect for if you are on THM, atkins, a keto diet, or just prefer not eating much sugar.

I have the sweetest childhood memories (pun intended) of getting a tall glass out and my Mom pouring root beer or cream soda most of the way up. Then she’d scoop some vanilla ice-cream on top. I loved the creamy “seafoam” and the fizzy magic.

These days I drink pop (or soda as the Americans call it) maybe once or twice a year. I find the amount of processed sugar, chemicals, and additives appalling. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss the taste. I love bubbly drinks – especially with ice-cream.

Enter the low carb float!

The #nosugar #lowcarb #rootbeerfloat you cannot pass up!

Ever since I started low carbing (and eating a whole lot less sugar!) a few years ago, I have been satiating my “fizzy drink” cravings with Zevia. Seriously adore this brand. They don’t use artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives, flavours, and are zero calories! Check out this list of why Zevia rocks compared to other sodas. Whaaaaa!

Make a root beer float with #Zevia and #nosugar ice-cream! Check out this #recipe!

Today I had the craving for one of A&W’s classic root beer floats (if I have pop, this is probably what I will be caving for!), so I whipped up some of my no-sugar vanilla ice-cream and topped off my Zevia root beer!

A recipe for a low carb, no sugar ice-cream float - perfect for a hot summer day

Want some?!

Just go make my classic low-carb, no-sugar VANILLA ICE-CREAM and then add it to an icy cold glass of Zevia root beer!

How to make a #lowcarb, #nosugar #rootbeer float! You will fall in love

Best “indulgent” drink for a hot summer afternoon!

Have you tried any other low sugar pops? What’s your favourite kind of float?

This post is not sponsored by Zevia, I just shared because I love their “pops” so much. However, occasionally, I may have affiliate links that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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