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Colourful People: Philosophie’s Sophie Jaffe

You guys know I’ve been doing the Philosophie 14-day cleanse and how much I love the superfood line…so I’m so so excited to bring you the creator of all of this! Sophie has been such an incredible inspiration to me. She is certified as a raw food chef and yoga teacher, and continued to branch out as she founded her company/wellness brand, Philosophie. Her goal was to make it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

Her superfoods are a staple in my diet now…especially as I’ve been healing from my car accident. Her healing products have helped thousands of people, even celebrities including George Clooney. Anyway, enough fanfare…let’s get to this interview! So appreciate Sophie taking the time to answer these questions!

Sophie, I admire your drive so much – you have built a business from the ground up, all while doing something you’re passionate about! Can you tell me a little about how you started Philosophie?

Philosophie began with me just wishing that I could have an amazing blend of superfoods and proteins together in one, convenient jar. I didn’t want to run out of camu camu or another specific ingredient and then feel like my smoothie wasn’t complete. I traveled all over LA looking for high quality, fair-trade, organic superfoods and then began packing them together into mason jars and little bags. I started giving the blends to friends and family and making everyone workout and nutrition guides. One day, while on vacation (I was in the sea in Israel with my hubby), Adi turned to me and said, “You should really grow what you’re doing and share it with more people, make it a company.” And that’s when it began to grow into what it is today.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

What did you think was the leading character quality that brought you to where you are today?

Love + compassion! Everything I do is rooted in wanting to make the world a brighter, more healthy place for my kids, my husband, my family, my friends, and even people I may never meet. I want to put as much love as I can into the world, and for me this means sharing superfoods and wellness.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

Do you have a secret beauty secret? You always look like you’re glowing!

Yes! Doing everything from a place of love—which means working out because I actually love the movements that I’m having my body do, or eating because I love how the food tastes and how it makes me feel. The moment you do something that’s “good for you” without having any passion for it is the moment you lose your glow. So it’s simple—find recipes for nourishing dishes you can’t wait to make, sign up for a workout class that is the highlight of your day, buy or make natural, non-toxic beauty products that smell and feel amazing.

Favourite snack?

A Cacao Magic smoothie (I have a sweet tooth)! My favorite blend is frozen bananas, almond milk, almond butter, avocado, dates + figs, leafy greens, vanilla and peppermint extract, chocolate stevia, Cacao Magic coconut butter, and some Cacao Magic and Green Dream.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

What’s a typical workout routine look like?

Intention setting followed by a yoga flow, either at home with my kiddies or at the studio. I also love the rush of a good spin or kickboxing sesh and the beauty and peace of an outdoor hike or walk.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

What are some of your best tips to staying healthy when you’re so busy?

Schedule your workouts—if you schedule them into your calendar just like any other appointment or date, it’s SO much more likely to happen! I also love going on hikes or taking a spin class with a friend—it’s like a 2 for 1! :)

Do you have a life mantra or favourite quote you live by?

I have a coffee mug that says, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” This quote is really special to me and my family since it actually helped strengthen my relationship with my husband, Adi. It’s also great to go by in whatever situation you’re facing—when you remove the fear, the doubt, and the negative, insecure voice in your head, you’re left with the beautiful freedom to be YOU.

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

Thanks again Sophie for this fantastic interview! <3 Check out her blog, follow her on Twitter, and of course, check out Philosophie!

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Disclaimer: Occasionally, I may have affiliate links or sponsored posts that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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3 Responses to “Colourful People: Philosophie’s Sophie Jaffe”

  1. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Love you and Sophie <3

  2. Molly

    I love how mindful you seem to live your life. You developed your line to suit your needs and you seem so in tune with your needs, abilities, strengths, desires, mind and of course body. Your favourite snack is something I MUST replicate. I like that you would start exercise with an intention planning prior to jumping in. Too often we take our bodies and our ability to exercise for granted, or we mistreat it by jumping in too fast or not stopping soon enough. You really seem to live a balanced life and I can tell that you do do everything with love and from love, because you truly GLOW.

  3. Molly

    P.S. I love that mantra. I surprisingly (I live my life in quotes/ affirmations/ mantras) haven’t heard that one yet!!

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