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What I’m Doing for Two Weeks of the Smoothie Challenge

I’m super looking forward to June, for a lot of reasons. Maybe because summer becomes official. Or one of my best friends is getting married. Or because of the dozens of smoothie recipes I’m excited to try…

…Or maybe it’s because I’m beginning to feel like myself again. I’m finding joy in creation, getting stronger, and learning more about the things I’m interested in. For the first time in almost four months, I did an actual workout (not just a walk!). It felt good, but it was humbling to realize how weak I am now.

Since my car accident, I’ve felt like a lesser version of myself…so it’s wonderful to feel motivated and to be doing more creative projects…more like me. I’ve been praying for God to give me more joy and He’s been so faithful to do that.

However, I do feel the “pull” to do some detoxing. I think back to all the drugs/toxins I’ve taken in the last few months, and while I’m thankful for their ability to dull pain, I know that as drugs kill the “bad things”, they also get rid of a lot of the good stuff (i.e.good bacteria) too.

So for the first two weeks of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge, I’m doing Philosophie’s Cleanse.

I’m really quite stoked about it. I’ve done Sophie’s 5-day Cleanse before and I really enjoyed it. The recipes are good, so its not like you’re eating rabbit food and are hungry all the time. And there are lots of good smoothie recipes…and you know that’s  what I’m all about!

The cleanse comes with:

  • 4-ounce packages of Green Dream and Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Powders
  • 2-ounce package of Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Powder
  • 14-day supply of Garden of Life RAW Probiotic Pills to support the body’s detoxification process
  • 14 Triple Leaf Cleansing and Revitalizing Herbal Detox Teas
  • 2 Detox Bath Formulas
  • comprehensive Cleanse Booklet that details a menu plan, quick and easy recipes, and tips to help you navigate your 14-day cleanse

For more info, check out Sophie’s Cleanse FAQ page and how to decide what cleanse is right for you.

Cacao Magic Superfood by Philosophie

My favourite of her superfoods is the Cacao Magic… It has little bits of cacao nibs in the mix, which actually has had me eating the powder straight. Yah, I did that.. It also has Chinese medicinal mushrooms- reishi, cordyceps, chaga…as well as maca, cacao powder & nibs, chia seeds, tocos and fresh vanilla. Superfood heaven.

Green Dream Superfood by Philosophie

I probably use Green Dream the most. It goes well in every smoothie and I like to dust a little on my salads too! It contains spirulina (you know how I feel about that!), fresh vanilla pod, raw vegan sprouted protein powder (hemp), maca (balances mood, high in iron and protein), tocos (vit.E), chia seeds, mesquite and chlorella.

Berry Bliss Superfood by Philosophie

Berry Bliss goes well in everything fruity. I’m loving it in my strawberry protein shakes…its high antioxidants, protein, vitamin A, and contains camu camu—on of the best forms of vitamin C. There’s also the highest quality, sprouted, raw brown rice protein powder – a perfect combination (superfood + protein powder), if you ask me!

So if you want to join me in doing the 5-day (or 14-day challenge!) sometime during this Colourful Smoothie Challenge – it would be so fun doing this together!

Philosophie Cleanse

What I especially love about her superfoods is how convenient they are! Instead of grabbing an armload of supplements and adding a teaspoon of each to your morning smoothie (which is what I used to do), she takes the tediousness (and expense!) out of using/buying lots of supplements. In her blend, your favourite superfoods are mixed together. I heart Sophie, she is such a gentle spirit, and I love her product line. Get excited, because later in the month she’ll be coming onto Colourful Palate for an interview! <3

Have a Smoothie fest with Colourful Palate

Read about my first time doing the 5-day Cleanse…
Philosophie Cleanse, Part 1
Philosophie Cleanse, Part 2

ALSO, if you haven’t signed up for the Colourful Smoothie Challenge yet, do it here!

Do you want to join the Colourful Smoothie Challenge - drink a smoothie a day and want some vanity pounds slip away! Smoothies

I’m off to visit some family for the weekend, so I’ll be back to blogging on the 1st day of the Challenge! Here’s to June and a magical summer!

Have you heard of Philosophie before, or tried any of her products? Which one would you try?

 Disclosure: Sometimes I use affiliate links, which funds my smoothie addiction and helps me bring fun stuff like this to Colourful Palate. <3

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5 Responses to “What I’m Doing for Two Weeks of the Smoothie Challenge”

  1. GiGi Eats

    Aw! I love the woman behind the brand Philosophie!!! :) Your cleanse sounds delicious!

  2. Coco

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Come backs are hard but you will get there.

  3. Annie

    This sounds like a recipe for success! I will be cheering you on!

  4. Molly

    Good for you. I know the feeling of medication ‘toxicity’! It was what you needed to help you heal in ‘comfort’ but I think your choice is wise. I am glad it’s not a true ‘cleanse cleanse’ meant only for weight loss. You inspire on a whole other level! Goodluck!!

  5. Beth

    I hope your smoothie challenge goes well! I love making green smoothies with really healthy ingredients like kale and spinach. It’s a great way to get in lots of veggies without much effort. Good luck! :)

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