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Vegan Lentil Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup 01

So even though the day before yesterday was the first day of spring, Old Man Winter is clearly having a hard time relinquishing his hold on the weather. I’m fine with it. I like being warm and cozy, wrapped in sweaters, and eating hot muffins and soup. So far, my attitude about this eternal winter is worth commending.

Today I decided I wanted something to make something ridiculously healthy and delicious. So I made a vegan lentil soup. I ended up really happy with it, especially since it’s very high in vegan protein and fiber. Protein is something I struggle with eating a lot of and I try to eat as much fiber as possible. Glamorous, yes? Nevermind.

Oh, and did I mention that this recipe has like virtually no fat or sugars and is crazy low in calories. I had this for lunch yesterday with a bran muffin smeared with coconut butter and chocolate for dessert. The latter was mandatory.

Vegan Lentil Soup

  1. 1/3 cup lentils (soaked overnight)
  2. 1 cup water
  3. ½ cup organic, chopped celery
  4. ½ cup chopped carrots
  5. 1/8 cup chopped onion
  6. 1 tsp. organic vegetable bouillon*
  7. 1 tsp. dried parsley
  8. ½ tsp. sea salt
  9. ½ tsp. cumin
  10. Small pinch of thyme and tarragon

*I used Better than Bouillon in Beef and I do realize that this isn’t vegan, but this stuff is amaaaazing. It’s organic and doesn’t have that nasty MSG that most bouillons have. If you want to make this totally vegan, use a vegetable base bouillon and I have it on good authority that it is very good too!

Bring lentils to a boil in salted water and then let them simmer for an hour, or until totally cooked. (I soaked the lentils overnight to make cooking time faster. It’s not really necessary, but makes things easier.) Rinse lentils. Add them back to your cooking pot with everything but the spices. Once everything is cooked, stir in the spices. That’s it. This recipe serves 2.

Vegan Lentil Soup 02

Nutritional Info (per serving): Cals: 132, Fat: .5g, Sodium: 641mg, Carbs: 23.5g, Fibre: 11g, Sugar: 3g, Protein: 9g

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Do you have a favourite vegan soup?

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11 Responses to “Vegan Lentil Soup”

  1. Jill Colonna

    Gosh, this is just ideal. I suddenly have the most horrible cold and so this is just what’s needed! THanks.

  2. Regan

    Luv, luv Lentil Soup… and this version looks yum-o!

    Thanks for stopping by & sharing your luv o’ the pancakes.

  3. nevernotdreaming

    Wow, looks so good. How many servings does it make? (what do you consider one serving – a cup or two?).
    LOVE coconut butter.

  4. Charissa

    Jill~ Hope it helps!

    Regan~ Haha, anything for pancakes…believe me!

    Nevernotdreaming~ Yes, it makes about a cup per serving and it serves two.

  5. julie @ rosy + tart

    Yum! This looks great! So healthy too… always a plus in my book. :)

  6. Anu

    This looks lovely but my understanding is that it is not vegan or vegetarian if it had the beef bouillon in it.

  7. Clarkie @ Beloved Green

    Favorite soup–well this one looks pretty good. Seriously though, I am a huge fan of lentil soup, so soothing especially when there is still a foot of snow on the ground.

  8. Charissa

    Julie~ Thanks so much!

    Anu~ Thanks so much for the heads up! Sometimes my head just isn’t in the game…I edited it!

    Clarkie~ Haha, I know, right. Soup is always good when it’s freezing out. Wonder when on earth, it will warm up here! :)

  9. Vegan Nut-Free “Almond Roca” — Colourful Palate

    […] After I ran my run I had my ice bath (see here for the how-to) and had some of this soup. […]

  10. Ella

    Vegan = NO animal products or by-products…this is not vegan due to the beef bouillon.

  11. Charissa

    Ella- Thanks for the catch! I do state that for a 100% vegan recipe to use vegetable bouillon. :)

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