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Beetiful Blood Juice

Beet Juice

I love learning what different fruits and veggies do for you, so when I found out some of the things that make beets so great I just had to share them with you (and a recipe!).

Besides, it’s Halloween just around the corner and this “Blood” juice would make a fabulously healthy way to start the day! Especially if you’re planning on eating junk food later…

Here’s some great reasons why we should eat (or drink) beets :

  • They have cancer inhibiting properties
  • That beautiful red colour is from a power anti-cancer inhibitor called betacyanin
  • Increases white blood cells (our fighting cells)
  • They are a great source of calcium
  • It’s a blood purifier and detoxifier
  • Promotes healthy, clear skin
  • Good source of vitamin A, B6, and C
  • Contains other fabulous nutrients such as iron, potassium, choline, folate, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and tryptophan
  • Good for treating anemia, poor circulation and exhaustion

Sounds pretty good to me!

This is a perfect juice for fall – the deep, rich colour is so beautiful! It looks just like blood…mwwwahahaha. (I’m not good at being creepy…so don’t worry. I’ll stop now.)

Beet Juice 02

Beetiful Blood Juice

  1. 2 organic beets, small
  2. 1/2 organic cucumber
  3. 2 organic carrots
  4. Leaves from beets
  5. 1/2 lemon, juiced

Juice everything together. Add lemon juice and stir. Enjoy! It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Beet Juice 03

Do you enjoy beets?  What are your plans for Halloween?

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8 Responses to “Beetiful Blood Juice”

  1. Chandi Holliman

    Just had my photos published for a friend who wanted me to take photos of her recipes. Fun. But well not writing a food blog. Photography yes.

  2. Chandi Holliman

    PS. LOve this recipe. I made one with grapes, beets, celery, ginger this summer. Ruby red like this. I need to look the recipe up that I made up somewhere. Calling it:”Ruby, Bliss”.
    Blessings and happy juicing. Chandi

  3. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I didn’t like beets until I became an adult. Before that, all I had ever tasted were the canned kind. Yuck! Once I had the fresh kind, I discovered I loved them raw, juiced, steamed and roasted. So good!

  4. Melanie @ Nutritious Eats

    I never liked beets until recently, but I love them now. I wish I was having a Halloween party this year- this drink would be perfect!

  5. AlexandraFunFit

    I happen to love beets. I think I even loved them as a kid. I grow & buy them whenever it’s the season. And my favorite recipe of all time for beets is borscht. Yum. Thanks for the new recipe.

  6. Marie

    I love that it’s all in the name “bloody” that makes it all the more fun!

  7. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    No Halloween for me this year. Wahhh!

    I do love beets though! My favorite is a beet-orange protein smoothie I made for Valentines day last year.

  8. Kierston

    I’m thirsty.

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