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Star Recipe: Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers

Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers 01

I’ve decided to start a feature that highlights an amazing recipe I’ve tried from a blogger friend. It will give a shout out to great people with great recipes and star a recipe that I love to bite-size pieces. So welcome to this week’s featured Star Recipe!

At our house, we make a lot of almond milk. This process yields a lot of almond pulp from the milk recipe. Our freezer is overflowing with almond pulp. I am one of those people who hate leftovers, but also does not like to waste things. So our almond pulp collection piles up. And up. Imagine my delight in discovering Elana’s almond pulp cracker recipe. Seriously, check it out!

Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers 03

And then once you’ve made this terrific recipe, you can take these healthy, vegan crackers and make them fattening and de-veganize them. Yes, I realize that de-veganize isn’t officially a word, but today it is because I say so. And yes, this is a healthy living website. But a healthy lifestyle includes balance. Here’s the balance…

Bacon and Cream Cheese

  1. Spreadable cream cheese
  2. Bacon bits*

*To make it slightly healthier use crumbled turkey bacon and low-fat cream cheese or you could be as fearless as me and do the full fat version.

Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers 02

This really isn’t much of a recipe, but I have to say this is a great little topping for crackers at a party or for a quick mid-afternoon snack. I munched on these while I worked on this post.

Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers 04

Yesterday: I find it funny that my birthday is in National Health Month. Is that why I’m a little more health crazed than everyone else in my family? One of my sister-in-laws is born in March too and she’s a health nut. I’m sensing a trend.

Anyway, I have to say that my birthday was completely amazing. I was spoiled! Seriously, I’m so grateful for such a great family and such awesome friends. I even got breakfast in bed, a big banner and balloons, one of my favourite meals, and I got to hang out and play games all night. Perfect. I got some pretty cool gifts too, like a couple pairs of yoga pants, a tripod for my food photography, an i-home system, a Clean Eating cookbook…I was pretty much overly pampered. But hey, on birthdays, gotta say…bring it on! Looking forward to what this next year brings!


Does your family have any special birthday traditions?

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12 Responses to “Star Recipe: Vegan Almond Pulp Crackers”

  1. Elana

    Thanks for featuring my recipe :-)

  2. Nadia

    Happy birthday, beauty! Wish you lot’s of happiness, breakfasts in bed and of course health :)

    And this philadelphia cream… I loved it so much!!!

  3. dixie

    I love that its a healthy cracker topped with cream cheese and bacon, can’t go wrong with that. I bet that cracker tastes really good as well. I might just make a batch.

  4. Clarkie @ Beloved Green

    Happy birthday to you, I hope it was wonderful! Love the yummy snack too.

  5. Jess@HealthyExposures

    I have been making a lot of my own nut milk lately, too; which, yes, leaves me with tons of pulp that I’ve no idea what to do with! Crackers seem like the perfect solution :] Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. Jess@HealthyExposures

    …and I got totally distracted by the phone between the time I read the post and left the comment and totally forgot to say Happy Birthday. So, I am now – happy Belated Birthday! Glad to hear it was a great one :]

  7. Jaclyn Enchin

    I just started this healthy food photo sharing site:

    I would love it if you submitted your pretty food photos! :)

  8. Charissa

    Nadia~ Thanks so much, it was special…and yes, cream cheese is so addicting. Horrible really. ;)

    Dixie~ Yah, kind of an odd mix. But that’s really the essence of what I am. :)

    Clarkie~ Thanks so much!

    Jess~ Haha, appreciate it. I’ll take as many birthday greetings as I can get, lol. I really like all of Elana’s recipes, so be sure to check out her site!

    Jaclyn~ Hey, thanks! I’ll definitely think about it…I really appreciate the invite!

  9. Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul

    This is a genius way to use almond pulp. Now I have no excuse not to make almond milk!

  10. tigerfish

    What a great idea to make almond pulp crackers! :)

  11. karly

    Hi Charissa, I have got to try this Almond pulp crackers. Looks great!

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