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Shopping for Groceries on the Road (part 1)


There comes a time when the cooler becomes very empty and what’s left of the brown rice cakes and peanut butter does not sound appealing. Nor do the apples with multiple bruises.

That’s when we go grocery shopping. When we spend so many hours on the road, it’s hard not to eat out, but we really try not to do it often. Not only is it easier to eat healthier, but it’s a lot cheaper. Going to eat at restaurants has always been something we do for special; it’s not a weekly occurrence.

And I love shopping for food. I think it’s fun. Trying to buy the healthiest food for the best buy, clipping coupons, weighing my options, discovering new kinds of food, scrutinizing nutrition facts…it’s just delights me. Maybe it’s a girl thing? I have no idea. It’s probably just me. Another quirk.

On one of our last shopping trips I discovered this…

Fall Tour 014

Happy joy joy.

Confession: I love, love those dreadful, white Cinnamon Toast cereals…they are just the most delicious thing ever. And here I found a whole wheat, much healthier version!  And for a whole 637 gram bag of taste bud heaven it was $3! Meanwhile, it’s like $4-5 for a smaller box for all the other cereals. If I was a dog, my tail would’ve been wagging.

Fall Tour 016

Small things make me happy. It don’t take much. We bought yogurt to go with it.

So for lunch the next day I had one of my favourite snacks. Cinnamon Toast cereal with plain yogurt.

Fall Tour 017

Cereal is close to my heart. Unfortunately.

So what other things do we pick up when we stop for groceries?

Here’s our travel grocery list:

Healthy bars (Kashi, Clif, LaraBars are some good brands) – We look for a high ratio of protein and fibre in a bar, with lower carbs and sugar

Fall Tour 018

Almond milk or rice milk – We can’t make my almond milk recipe on the road, so we buy it. We really try to avoid soy and dairy.
Rice cakes – My Dad is gluten-free and I like to stay away from too many carbs. I love the brown rice and quiona kind.
Instant oatmeal packets – All of us love oatmeal and this is a great, super-quick breakfast. Simply mix the packets with hot water and you’ve got your meal. If you buy the flavoured kind, at least get the type labeled reduced sugar.
Tea – I’m constantly asking gas stations for hot water. They’re only too happy to give it to you for free (as long as you bring in your own travel mug) and once I’m back in the van I add my own tea bag and maybe a packet of Truvia)

Fall Tour 022

Fall Tour 019

Plain yogurt – It might be more convenient to buy those little containers of yogurt, but we couldn’t be bothered. My sister and I love, love plain yogurt (add Truvia if it’s too sour for you) and we miss it when don’t get it.
Eggs – We like to buy a whole carton and then whenever we get the chance, we boil them all up. It’s great to have a hardboiled egg as a snack since it’s another way for us to get our protein in.
Turkey sticks or cheese strings – This is more of a treat because they’re usually more on the pricey side.
Chewable vitamin C and Cold FX – It seems like when we travel, we’re always fighting colds. ColdFX is a Canadian brand, but I believe there is an US version too. We find that if you can catch the beginning of a cold with this, it totally works. We swear by it.

And of course, there’s my newest favourite (thanks to my sister!)…

tour chips

How have I never tried these? I’m a addict now…they are so delicious and they’re only like…5 calories per chip! Oh happy day. Wnat more healthy shopping ideas? Check out Part 2!

Want to see some of the snacks/foods I brought from home? Check out my Healthy Snacks for Traveling post!

Hope you enjoyed reading our “travel shopping list”! If you want to keep up with my Colourful Palate doings, follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page! See you there!

What’s your travel shopping list look like? Are you a cereal person? Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

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6 Responses to “Shopping for Groceries on the Road (part 1)”

  1. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    Great post! I love peppermint tea when I’m on the road :)

  2. Kelly @ Free Spirit Food

    This is so hard. It’s so easy for me to fall into bad habits traveling!

  3. Shae

    I’ve heard good things about Pop Chips. I have never found them at my grocer, though. I wish we had a Trader Joes!

    Good luck! Avoid fast food at all costs! ;)

  4. Emily

    That cereal looks delicious! Cinnamon cereals are my absolute favorite.
    I’m the exact same way- I love shopping for food. Searching for the healthiest foods and the best deals is so much fun! And always leaves me feeling accomplished. (:

  5. Faith

    Mmm, pop chips are delicous, and that cereal looks pretty great too! Thanks for the awesome travel tips…hope you are having a wonderful time!

  6. lowcalorieeating

    Great post! I keep meaning to try those Pop Chips. Everyone seems to like them. I didn’t realize they have Sea Salt & Vinegar. I love that. Baked Kettle Brand Chips are good too.

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