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What To Pack On Race Day

Pre Marathon 01

Hey there folks! I’m about to go to bed and get my pre-marathon rest, so I have to make this post short. I’m in an odd state of shock that I’m running a marathon tomorrow. I am SO excited, but I don’t really feel prepared. With being away from home all week I just haven’t been sleeping well, eating the same foods, I know I haven’t drank enough water, and my knee is being all weird. But whatever. I can do it. I will do it. The end.

So what am I bringing:

  • Water bottle for before and after…but don’t drink too much right before the race or you will be stopping at those attractive porta potties.
  • Vaseline. Tres imporante. Without it, I get horrible blisters. With it, I don’t usually get them, except maybe on loooong runs. It helps so much.
  • Race day outfit. Make sure make it weather appropriate…if it’s cold out, you’ll wish that you brought your long sleeved race shirt or zip up. A lot of people bring old sweatshirts to wear to keep warm right before the race. Once they are warmed up, they throw it off. Sometimes those clothes are donated to charity. See if that’s an option for your race.
  • Headband. I hate drippy, wet hair in my face. Not nice.
  • Spare shoelaces. I’m not bringing these because I know my laces are nice and new, but I think it’s a great idea. The horror of having your laces snap right before a run would be…nasty.
  • I-pod and ear buds (if you are listening to music) *make sure to have your playlist ready
  • Sports gels or gummies.

It was so fun going to the expo today…loved all the free samples, what little they had. We ended up getting there when they were wrapping things up, so next time I run a race…hopefully I can try to be a bit more punctual. It was a long trip from my brother’s place, so we had lunch on the go. (top picture…I love, love, love Booster Juice) Not sure how much nutrition is in the “Mean Mocha” but it made my taste buds happy.

Me and three of my sibs at the expo. Yes, I embarrassed them and made them pose in a picture. Forced them, in fact. They still looked happy.

Pre Marathon 02

On race day, what do you bring? Or what did you wish you brought or used on race day?

Well…I’m off to hit the sack. Hopefully I don’t get all these pre-race jitters and not sleep. Wish me luck!

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5 Responses to “What To Pack On Race Day”

  1. Nadia

    Good luck!!!

  2. Kelly

    Oh my gosh! Good luck! You are going to do great!

  3. Katherine

    I’ve never run a marathon. In fact, I don’t think I’ve run more than six miles! But lately I’ve been thinking about working up to one… Good luck!!

  4. sippitysup

    Hope it went well. GREG

  5. Charissa

    Thanks guys!
    Katherine~ Go for it! If you train for it, you can do it!

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