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Books You Need to Read in 2016

Yes, I’m aware that it’s January 18th and we’re halfway through the month. However, I think this is just the time to get inspired all over again.

Books you Need to Read in 2016

If you’re one of those “new year, new you” people that set a thousand goals, you will like these book recommendations. If you’re not, but you’re intelligent and like reading, you’ll still like these books.

Basically, a win win.

It’s that part of the month where us goal setters (and yes, I’m one of the crazies), might be reevaluating our goals and maybe losing a little steam. That’s typically when I look for some motivation…

And since one of my new year goals was to read 24 books this year…the whole thing works out really well for me.

Books to Inspire you in 2016

1. A magical adult colouring book – I’m not sure why this is the first book on the “to read” list, as it has absolutely nothing to do with reading…but anyway…if you’re like me and feel like it’s easier to problem-solve when you’re hands are busy, this is for you. I love colouring and I’m not ashamed.

2. Better than Before – I’m currently reading this and am so fascinated. It’s about making and breaking habits, with practical tips for making that a reality. Gretchen’s style of writing is my absolute favourite…she’s entertaining, real, analytical, and has everything backed up with science.

3. One Thousand Gifts – Being thankful for things is a pretty big deal in the grand scheme of things. When I put on my grateful glasses, everything changes…and all in all, I’m a much happier person. Ann challenges herself to write down 1,000 things to be thankful for and discovers awesome truths along the way.

4. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – De-cluttering has been an ongoing process for the last year. I’ve sold half my clothes and then I went through my closet again and got rid of another section…and yet again, I’m discovering more things I need to just…eliminate…not save for later (I’m a struggling minimalist with pack-rat tendencies). This book has been inspirational in the whole process. It’s a good read, but there’s one random chapter that threw me off…when she starts talking to her socks and thanking them for their service, right before she chucks them. That’s just a bit strange to me. But hey, at least she’s thankful.

5. The Power of Habit – One of my absolute favourite books of all time. By using science, psychology, case studies, and fabulous stories, reporter Charles explains the “why” behind what we do. The whole book was fascinating and better than a Hunger Games novel. And I like the Hunger Games.

6. The Happiness Project – Another winner from Gretchen Rubin…this lady dedicated a year to studying happiness and turned it into a monthly project devoted to testing different ideas of what makes people happy. She’s a fabulous story teller and before the whole book was read I already had ideas of what my “happiness project” would look like.

7. The 5-Year Journal – I bought this book several months ago and I am in love with it. Every night (usually) I bring it out and journal the answers to whatever the prompt for the day is. It’s a relaxing thing for me to do before bed and gets me thinking.. After one year, it takes you through the whole book (and every prompt) all over again for 5 years total.  Already, I love looking back at it and in 5 years it will be fun to see how my answers change and the memories I’ve collected. Plus, it’s a pretty book so I keep it on display on my bedside table.

Bonus book!

Get it Done - strategies for the creative free spirit

Get It Done – From Procrastination to Creative Genius 15 Minutes a Day

For some of us, who are of the more right brain mindset, we’re typically a little ADD, laid back, and can procrastinate like nobody’s business (ok…well, that’s me anyway) this book was full of super helpful strategies for the creative (aka: wandering) mind…all while staying true to the way you think and process.

What is on your book list right now? I love reading…so recommend some good ones for me!

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11 Responses to “Books You Need to Read in 2016”

  1. GiGi Eats

    I would be SHOCKED if I even read ONE book this year! How horrible is that!

  2. Charissa

    Gigi – You’re hilarious. Reading isn’t the end all, haha…you’re fine! ;)

  3. Michaell | Foodscape

    I’m usually one of those readers that scoffs at self-help books, but you make all these books sound so fun! Your descriptions are so thoughtful and make me look at these books in a different light. Change is good! Plus, I love to journal, so DEFINITELY checking that 5-year journal out! So glad I discovered your site through Gigi! :)

  4. Charissa

    Michaell – Aww, you’re so sweet! You should check out the 5-year journal. I love it so much. <3

  5. Kristen

    Oooh thanks for the tips! I’m a huge reader so I love posts like this! I haven’t read any of these yet but I’m putting them on my list!

  6. Charissa

    Kristen – You should also check the GoodReads app out…it’s where I keep all my book lists and track my reading! I think you’d love it!

  7. Chrissa - Physical Kitchness

    This makes me desperately want to go on vacation and just lounge and read all day! You have some great suggestions!

  8. Charissa

    Chrissa- I think I’ll join you!

  9. Leanne

    I love G. Rubin! So great! And 1000 Gifts…now I just need to sit down and finish the ends of them!

  10. masala girl

    i looove reading, but i used to read all the time, and not so much anymore :/ school takes up a lot of my time, then i got into blogging haha. i love the recommendations, especially the last 4!

  11. cellucor no3 chrome review

    Just love it! I inspired the books as well. I appreciate the “The Power Of Habit” and I love the “The Happiness Project”. Actually I really inspired a lot books prior those 2. Thanks a lot.

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