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7 Colourful Things

Perhaps it’s that my personality craves change, or I enjoy the constant hunt for new things…whether it’s flavours and snapshots of beautiful skies or words that set fire to my heart.

Soooo…here’s the time where I share what’s currently adding colour into my life in pictures!

Fruit Bowls are the Best Snack

1. Fruit Bowls for Breakfast – saying goodbye to summer has been bittersweet, but somehow a colourful bowl of freshly diced watermelon or red grapes just make my morning. Tip: It’s good to pair fruit with low-fat protein (like egg whites or yogurt) to balance the higher sugar content of these sorts of fruit. Sugar from fruit is in no way bad for you! I’m not a sugar hater IF it’s natural…in small amounts it fits perfectly into my low-sugar lifestyle.

I'm really digging the hair bows right now

2. Hairbows – this is something I thought I’d never resurrect in my fashion life, but I really like them! Who knows? Maybe I’ll be wearing scrunchies and fluffy bangs again too (wink)!

Eggs, bacon, and coffee - this is how I like to start my day!

3. Organic eggs, bacon, and coffee – guys! This breakfast never gets old. The protein holds me over and the fat in this meal makes me feel satisfied. I used to eat a very low fat diet and it was not fun. I never felt full…so I was always eating.

Summer Strawberries

4. The Last Summer Strawberries – it may be October, but we have one more picking of strawberries left! Strawberries from your own garden CANNOT be beat! Seriously, those store-bought strawberries have no flavour compared to ours! They might be smaller than from the store, but they are so sweet and delicious. Bigger is not always better!

Colourful Palate on PeriScope

5. Periscope – I’ve had so much fun connecting with other bloggers and friends with Periscope. It took me a while to jump on the Periscope train, but I’m glad I did. Soon, I’ll be making some scopes, but for the moment I’m still “scope stalking”.

The Willpower Instinct Book

6. This Book – I have about 4 books on the go at the same time. Always.

To me, they’re all for different moods. I usually have a book of psychology/business, a devotional/spiritual book, health book, or an art or creative “how-to” book going on. I really enjoyed “The Willpower Instinct” as it gave me more insight as to how the brain works in conjunction with self-control. I found that it armed me with practical strategies for overcoming the things that can keep me from my goals…I highly recommend this one! If you ever want to see what else I’m reading, I often post using the hashtag #colourfulreads on my Instagram.

Remarkable Sunsets

7. Sunsets – lately, the sunsets have been magical light shows. This is my favourite thing about where I live. I’m sure the sunrises are good too, but as someone once said, “They’re just like sunsets, only backwards”. While I want to be an early morning person, I’d rather watch the sunsets and get up a smidge later (smile).

What is bringing colour into your week? Have you tried Periscope yet?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Occasionally, I may have affiliate links that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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7 Responses to “7 Colourful Things”

  1. Jessie

    You pull of the hair bow look so well. Lucky lady!

  2. Annie

    Beautiful! Love your colourful delights that add sparkle to your life! You inspire me!

  3. Kat

    So..I just got snap chat. I dont think I’ll be getting Periscope for a while! I can barely figure snap chat out. So technilogically challenged! My little sister just made me a bow out of duct tape, which I think is super cute. Though it did get caught in my hair and yank some out. So I guess, not too cute.

  4. Heather@TheSoulfulSpoon

    I’m an old soul, so I love the simplicity of sunsets, a good book, and colorful food makes me just as happy as getting new fancy things (if not more, because it also means my belly is happy!:). Great list here, I just can’t seem to like Periscope but I bet your channel is great!:)

  5. Marcia

    I’m so with you on homegrown strawberries. The season here is so short though. I dabbled in Periscope but haven’t done one in awhile. I’ll find you there! : )

  6. Farrah

    That hairbow is super cute! I never thought it’d come back into style either, but I’m kinda glad they did! :P That last sunset photo is gorgeous! <3

  7. GiGi Eats

    Sunsets in my opinion = the best colors in the world!

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