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Nanking Cherry Smoothie

Nanking Cherry Smoothie

You know those sweet, almost purple Bing cherries…in my world, they are the best summer snack. I rarely make recipes with them because I love the simplicity of eating them just as they are.

However, it’s a different story with the cherries in our backyard. We had a bountiful supply of Nanking cherries this year and we weren’t sure what to do with them all. We picked over 6 gallons and then had a brilliant idea.

Nanking Cherry Tree

We boiled them with a little water and then put them through a stainless steel colander/food mill  to pit them. Then we poured the juice and pulp into ice-cube trays, froze them, and put them into baggies. This makes it ridiculously easy for smoothies.

How to Perserve and Freeze Nanking Cherries

How to enjoy pit-free Nanking Cherries all year - Perserving and Freezing Nanking Cherries

These cherries are a little tart and look like maraschino cherries. I did a little research on the health benefits of this particular variety. According to a study (published in the 2013 edition of the American Diabetics Association’s journal, Diabetes), the Nanking cherry can help regulate thyroid hormones and manage metabolism related problems increasing its cellular energy expenditure. This means it helps you have a faster metabolism! Huffington Post also put out a good article about other things that sour cherries can do for your health! Check it out here!

Nanking Cherry Smoothie Recipe

Please note, this recipe can be made with fresh cherries (just don’t forget to pit them!).

Nanking Cherry Smoothie

  1. 4-6 cherry “cubes”
  2. Handful strawberries, frozen
  3. 1 cup almond milk
  4. Pinch sea salt*
  5. 1/2-1 tsp. pure vanilla
  6. Stevia to taste
  7. 1/2 tsp. glucomannan (opt)
  8. 1 scoop protein powder

*I use Himalayan pink salt

If you’re using glucomannan (a natural thickener made from the konjac root which makes it “creamier”, and is also a fabulous natural source of fibre), blend everything except the protein powder. Once blended, add the protein powder and it will transform into an extra creamy smoothie.

If you are skipping the glucomannan, just blend everything together at once and serve.

Nanking Sour Cherry Smoothie

Put the cherry on top!

Have you tried Nanking cherries (or other sour cherries) before? What’s your favourite variety?

Disclaimer: Occasionally, I may have affiliate links or sponsored posts that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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2 Responses to “Nanking Cherry Smoothie”

  1. Annie

    Soo pretty and what a delicious way to drink to one’s health!

  2. Theresa

    I have three Nanking cherry trees right out side my front door, but I never did anything with them…until this year. I decide to pick and do omething with them…this smoothie will just be the first that I’ll try! Thanks for the ideas…I already can’t wait till next ‘harvest’!! These little beauties are delicious and I could kick myself for not doing it sooner!

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