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Week 4 of Colourful Smoothie Challenge

This week had it’s challenges. First, our blender broke. I was wondering how I could continue making smoothies for the challenge. You kind of need a blender.

Then we went on a 3 day trip (11 hours one way!) for a wedding. It was a desolate trip, we didn’t go through many cities (and finding a smoothie shop never happened) and all the towns we went through could only offer us slurpies. Nah.

Turns out, if you get creative and try just a little harder, you can make your way around things.

With my blender problem I started making smoothie bowls, using our food processor. They aren’t as cold (because you can’t blend ice) or drinkable as an ordinary smoothie, but I enjoyed eating them with a spoon…topping them with fresh fruit or nuts.

Smoothie Bowls made with the Food Processor

Then I found my sister’s magic bullet, which is what I’m currently surviving with.

Smoothies you can make in the food processor

With our long trip, I brought Quest protein powder and mixed it up with carrot juice or a milk for a protein “shake” – not exactly a smoothie, but it was the best I could do. If you care about a goal enough, you can make it happen. I’ve loved seeing other people’s creativity when some of this stuff happened.

Carrot Juice with Protein Powder added!

Now onto the winner of the Quest Nutrition goodies! It’s Brenda! Congratulations and thanks to everyone else who entered!

Here’s your weekly challenge (your LAST one!)…

Also, yesterday was Father’s Day! How was it for you guys?!

I’m so blessed by the Dad that I have…he has shown me what it means to love others. He’ll literally do anything for anyone…an amazing example of what it means to serve.

Father's Day

Comment below and say something you’re grateful for (or how your Father’s Day went!)! I’m thankful for YOU GUYS! xo

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8 Responses to “Week 4 of Colourful Smoothie Challenge”

  1. jill conyers

    I drink at least 1 smoothie a day. Your smoothies are such pretty colors :)

  2. Lora

    OH WOW! Your smoothies are just beautiful!!

  3. Jordan

    Have really enjoyed this smoothie challenge! I plan to do this challenge with my children actually :) I know so often I am forever just telling them what to do and a note about how much I appreciate them will totally make their day :)

  4. Heather@ASpoonfulofHealth

    Yeh, I’m pretty sure I would cry if my blender broke. Love my Vita! Thankfully, I have 3 back-ups . Lol, you can tell I’m a blender NUT! Love your pretty photos (including the ones of you!:)

    Happy blending!! Awesome challenge by the way!

  5. Lois

    Our Fathers Day was lovely. My own dad is in heaven already but we celebrated with hubby by going out to lunch with one of my daughters. A while ago she gave me her used Magic Bullet and bought a new model for herself. I love it!!! I use it all the time.

  6. Molly

    Oh my goodness you definitely are grateful! I feel like you practice gratitude in every aspect of your life. You always leave the most kind messages on my instagram posts. For that I AM appreciative. I instantly thought of you as one of my three people. I’m also going to thank my niece for sure as she participated in many of my ‘smoothie’ days and is now hooked. I know we’ll both be incorporating them into our days next month. There are plenty of other people I am thankful for as well, most of whom are family members which I take for granted some times.

    Happy Belated Father’s day. You dad is so lucky to have you in his life and I am sure you make him very proud. He must have been a good role model for you growing up!

    WAY TO GO on sticking with the channel through the ‘quest’ – No pun intended (in reference to the protein powder you had). Sounds like a fun road trip and you made it work. I remember doing this challenge two years ago while I was away in Myrtle beach. Slushies were everywhere but I only managed to find one bartender who’d make me a REAL smoothie. My luggage was overweight in part because I brought my magic bullet with me… You better believe that I got away with an overweight suitcase because I explained my situation :P

    Thanks for hosting. I cannot BELIEVE that the weeks have flown by. I am assuming it goes until June 30th so partway into next week? One last question, since I missed submitting on the actual day, for 4-7 smoothies (at the beginning of the month), but I DID have a smoothie EVERY DAY, will I still get credited those 5 points or will the automatic system assume I didn’t have them even when I logged them on a different day?

  7. Charissa

    Molly – Your comments always bring a giant smile to my heart! <3
    Your Myrtle beach adventure sounds great! You are such a determined person!
    Yes, it goes right till the end of June, so partway into next week! Yes, you will still get credited those 5 points! <3

  8. Sarah Conklin

    Ohhh, I missed seeing this last week, but I love this challenge! I can’t wait to get home & write some notes. I think the folks who hosted us on our vacation will be the perfect place to begin. :)

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