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Planning for Happiness

Part of this week’s challenge was to plan ahead.

I’ve always been the girl who has too many plans and too many ideas. They overwhelm me if I don’t get them on paper into manageable lists. And yes, I am a list-aholic.  Moleskin journals, notebooks, the notepad on my i-Phone, and planners galore are the only reason I stay somewhat sane.

The Happiness Planner

I was stoked when Mo Seetubtim, the founder of The Happines Planner, decided to join in on the Colourful Smoothie challenge. She sent me her planner, which I have strong feelings of love for. It’s really unique. It’s the kind of planner you don’t need to start January 1st, but instead focuses on 100 days at a time (so you can start it anytime in the year!). I love the emphasis it has on goal setting and doing more of what you love.

What the Happiness Planner Looks Like

There’s a lot of fun stuff at the beginning of the book, with tips on making your dreams a reality, and turning your goals into a success. That’s what planners are all about!

Before the week starts, there’s a place to write down your weekly goals pertaining to work, personal, budgeting, time-management, and rewards. At the end of the week, you rate and reflect your week and troubleshoot how to make your next week better. Brilliant. She has a great article on ways to use your Happiness Planner. Also, check out her feed on Instagram…her photos are always so beautiful.

Inside my Happiness Planner

A sneak peek into part of my planner, down to the simple things I always forget (like forgetting to phone a friend on her b-day…I swear I need to keep track of everything!)

Inside the Happiness Planner

You’ll also notice the sweet stickers I’ve been adorning my pages with. These amazing gems are from Station Stickers. They are the best quality stickers I’ve tried, mostly because I’ve never used a brand that allows your stickers to be repositioned. Say you made a note on a sticker with an appointment, but then it’s canceled. No need to cross out your “to-do sticker”, just move it to a different page. A planner addict’s heaven. Seriously, it’s the perfect place to buy matte repositionable stickers and precut washi for your planners. They make stickers for all planner types with new releases once or twice a month. Find them on Instagram for coupon codes, flash sales, giveaways, and new releases.

Station Stickers for Planner Addicts

Look! Little smoothie stickers! My fave!

If you want to try these stickers, there’s a 15% discount discount going on right now just for my readers – just use coupon code: COLOURFULPALATE

Station Stickers and the Happiness Planner

Happy planning! xo

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Quest Nutrition giveaway!

Have you heard of The Happiness Planner? Do you use stickers in your planners/to-do lists?

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7 Responses to “Planning for Happiness”

  1. Lora

    What a fun idea! I need to get a happiness planner. I am all for finding more ways to be happy happy happy! (And love journals and planners, too!)

  2. Amanda

    Oh my goodness do I NEED this! It is soo beautiful. And I love the idea behind a happiness planner. Heading to their website right now. Thanks so much for giving a look into your planner :)

  3. Brittany

    Your notebook is amazing!!! I love to make my lists too, and my husband always makes fun of me but you know what, it keeps me organized and on track.

  4. Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE this! I’m super into organization and paper & pencil planners, so this seems like it would fit me perfectly.

  5. Lois

    I make lists every day — a to-do list, and usually an errands-to-be-run list, a need-to-buy list, and a long-term to-do list. I try to write these lists in order of priority, but every day other activities crowd out items on my list and at the end of the day I often feel that I have hardly accomplished anything, even though I’ve been busy all day!

  6. Molly

    Oh my goodness I must purchase a planner. I am even more excited about it now that I see the stationary stickers it comes with. By the way, you have gorgeous writing and are a good little drawer too!

    I love to-do lists and I find it so gratifying to be able to cross things off my list. Much more rewarding than iPhone lists! I do rank “priorities” but for the most part, my perfectionism makes me do EVERYTHING on it (provided I make a realistic list).

  7. shannonmarie

    That’s a very cute planner.

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