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Week 3 of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge (giveaway closed)

We have made it 3 weeks of a smoothie a day! I’m proud of us.

I’ve repeated some of my favourite smoothies, but I’ve been trying a ton of new ones…which adds excitement and keeps things fresh. I’m not sick of smoothies yet! In fact, I’ve often been having two a day! Blame it on this crazy hot sunshine. Keep reading below to find out what this weekly challenge is (and to enter a sweet giveaway!).

I have now completed two-weeks of my Philosophie Cleanse and I have been super happy with it (read what I’ve been eating). I felt great the whole time, maybe a little tired…but it’s hard for me to distinguish what causes that (since that’s a side affect since my accident). Like I mentioned before, I was rarely hungry and felt like, on a cellular level, my body was satisfied with nutrition so it had no reason to “be hungry”. This is not actual science, it’s just my own thoughts. I’m still obsessing over Philosophie’s superfoods and put them in all my smoothies.

Philosophie Superfoods for every smoothie

My bases are quite clearly covered. Thanks again to Sophie for being part of this challenge and letting me try the 2-week cleanse! Read a fun interview I did with her here – she shares her “secrets” to a successful, passionate business, her routine for fitness, and her diet/beauty secrets!

So back to WEEK 3 of the COLOURFUL SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Here is your new weekly challenge!

Now onto the fun stuff! I said that if you did any one of the weekly challenges you were eligible to win a surprise prize! Well, it’s here!!

My friend Clark works for Quest and he set up a super sweet giveaway. I have loved Quest for-eeeeeeva. Why? They are a protein bar that tastes like dessert (smores or oreos anyone?) and yet it’s nutritional profile is great. For example, one of my fave Quest bars is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar and it has 1g sugar, 3 net carbs, is high fibre, and no gluten. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

However, Quest went overboard and is giving away their new protein CHIPS (whaaa!) and some of their protein shake packets!

Win all of this @questnutrition goodness from @colourfulpalate! Protein chips, protein bars, and protein powder!

Check out this haul! Yah, you want some! I haven’t tried their protein powder yet (follow me on IG and I’ll post my thoughts on it soon!). However, I have tried their chips and they are a happy mix of a crisp cracker and a chip. When I’m craving the munchies this is the perfect go-to. I love their BBQ flavour.


First thing’s first. You have to have done at least one of the weekly challenges to be eligible to win! I’ve put the other two week’s challenge videos below so you can run and do one of the challenges, and enter right away! It doesn’t matter if you’re late to the party or are not part of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge, just do at least one of the weekly challenges. Open to US and Canadian residents. However, if it’s a Canadian winner, Quest isn’t able to send them chips or protein powder, so they’ll replace that with another box of bars. At the moment, they’re not shipping those internationally.

Now comment below and tell me what your goals were for one of the weekly challenges! I’ll announce the winner on the 22nd of this month!

Optional entries (in a separate comment tell me each thing you did ):

UPDATE: Brenda Penton is the winner! Congratulations and thank you to all who entered!

Good luck! I’ll see you on Wednesday! xo

Disclaimer: Occasionally, I may have affiliate links or sponsored posts that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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43 Responses to “Week 3 of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge (giveaway closed)”

  1. Jordan Schaus

    My goal is to be more organized with my Husbands lunches! So often I run out of stuff and he goes to work with nothing and then has to buy something. (I’m such a terrible wife;)

  2. Jordan Schaus

    I just completed all 4 of the extra optional entries! Not sure if I’m supposed to have a new comment for each thing or if this is good enough?

  3. Charissa

    Jordan, each comment counts as an entry, so just let me know which ones you did in a seperate comment. I will use a random generator to pick which comment wins. <3

  4. Darleen Weston

    I’ve subscribed to your blog via e-mail!

  5. Darleen Weston

    Followed Quest on youtubve

  6. Darleen Weston

    I also subscribed to your youtube channel

  7. Darleen Weston

    Am I doing this right? Adding a comment for each of the 4 things to do?

    I’ve pinned your image on pinterest! What an awesome giveaway. I love these quest bars!

  8. Charissa

    Darleen – You did it perfect! <3

  9. Chana W

    Hi there! Thank you for offering this giveaway. My goals this week are to run on the treadmill using the incline at least twice, and I also need to drink more water. I hope to drink at least a gallon by Friday. Thank you again.

  10. Chana W

    I subscribed to Quest’s YouTube channel as well as your channel!

  11. Chana W

    I pinned your contest here:

  12. Chana W

    I just subscribed to your awesome blog, thank you!

  13. Sarah Conklin

    My goal for this week is to plan ahead for the week that I am going to be on vacation…I need to meal plan for my husband & prep my small business for while I’m gone. I have a habit of waiting until the day before I leave & I don’t want to do that this time!!

  14. Sarah Conklin

    These are my goals from week 1!
    My weekly goals:
    Drink 3 mason jars of water, and set reminders on my phone for it! <totally snagging this one from you!
    Pass on the sugar! this is a MUST for me right now. with ice cream season here, sugar and i have been wayyyy too friendly again.
    Journal at least 3 times this week.

  15. Sarah Conklin

    I subscribed to your blog feed. :)

  16. Sarah Conklin

    I subscribed to Quest on youtube!

  17. Sarah Conklin

    I now follow Colourful Palate on youtube.

  18. Sarah Conklin

    I pinned the quest image.

  19. paige c

    I am planning my workouts a head of time! got them all planned for the week and so far have stuck to them! I also try to plan for a post workout snack, especially since I walk my dogs straight after my workout usually so I bring lots of quest bars with me :) love them!

  20. Jordan

    ok, then I guess I need three more comments :)
    Subscribed to the blog!

  21. Jordan

    Subscribed to your YouTube channel and also the other one!

  22. Jordan

    And I pinned the quest to Pinterest!

  23. Krista Spitz

    To declutter something in my life, I’m going to arrange all of my makeup in my bathroom. I want to get a small makeup bag and minimize what all I have because I never use all of it. All of my brushes and products take up room and look messy on the counter so I feel this will make me have more space and clear my head to make getting ready in the morning less stressful :)

  24. Krista Spitz

    I followed Quest on YouTube!

  25. Krista Spitz

    I followed Colourful Palate on YouTube!

  26. Krista Spitz

    I subscribed to your blog!

  27. margaret

    Another awesome challenge! This week my goal is to prep my lunch AND my son’s lunch (he just completed grade 7 & has 2 wks off before his summer activities start). Great way to involve him in making good, healthy choices.

  28. Patricia

    My goal is to plan my lunches for work at the beginning of the week and bring them rather than eating out at the office. I followed Quest on youtube!

  29. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    You’re videos are so cute. My goals are to drink more water (I’m feeling a bit dehydrated lately, get back into yoga and move more :)

  30. Molly

    I realized I never did the challenge for week 1. I think I addressed why I was doing it but for my third week, I’d like to list some goals also:

    1. Drink at least 10 cups of water per day, not including water in smoothies or other beverages such as tea and coffee (I need to drink more than the recommended 8 glasses for health reasons, but lately I haven’t been doing so or haven’t been replacing water loss). I love drinking water with lemon so that’ll be my go to!

    2. Stay on track with smoothies but don’t necessarily always have one for breakfast. I am finding myself obsessing over making the perfect smoothie for breakfast but on days when I’m in a rush, I’ll remind myself that it’s okay to have a smoothie for a snack, or even to purchase one! I’ve only managed to have a breakfast at a meal other than breakfast once, just because I LOVE them so much and they are a perfect way to start the day off, but I’ll be more accepting and flexible if it happens again. Also, I got a booster juice smoothie and it was delicious as i wasn’t filled with sugar/additives/frozen yogurt but instead it was simply pressed juices with their pulp!

    3. Journal! I have been feeling a lot healthier since starting this journey, and I really want to write down the changes I am noticing so that I can be more aware in future, as to how I can relieve some GI discomfort or feel more energy!

    4. I’m adding an extra one. SWITCH IT UP! I surprised myself last week with some interesting combinations so I’m going to start adding more vegetables to my smoothies since they are usually fruits + spinach!

    Thanks again Charissa for HOSTING this!! :)

  31. Molly

    I’m definitely a planner (which is why I NEED this planner). I keep a monthly calendar to help me see everything I ‘must’ accomplish in the month and help me manage my time. This week I think I’ll try and be more flexible in my planning. I often schedule my days and forget to plan self-care or down time. Since I am organized and timely, I’m never late, but I do have moments of panic when I have places to be back-back. I’ll be purposefully planning down time so that I can read and journal again. I know they both really benefit my mind, spirit and body as a whole. I do love planning my clothes ahead of time, so I will continue that, and I usually make my breakfast and lunch (aside from blending/heating/toasting) the night before so that I have more time to make my sleep in (aka press snooze) and make my bed and have some down time before starting my day!!

    What a great weekly challenge!!

  32. Molly

    Oh one more thing, I want to plan to go to bed earlier. 4-6 hours of sleep is NOT enough and I need to plan to go to bed earlier so that I can have time to relax and fall asleep naturally. This will also reduce urges the next day of irritability, tiredness or excessive hunger that I notice surmount when I lack sleep!

  33. Molly

    I follow/ subscribe to Quest on Youtube!!

  34. Molly

    I subscribed to your blog (I have no idea why I didn’t do this sooner)!!

  35. Molly

    I follow you on Pinterest (I think I already did – who wouldn’t want your recipes)!!

  36. Molly

    I subscribed to your youtube channel – and re-watched all the videos :) I LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!

  37. Molly

    I pinned the above photo reminding my followers of the Quest Challenge :)

  38. Brenda Penton

    My goals from Week 1 challenge:
    1. Drink atleast 3 litres of water a day
    2. Walk the dog daily (we both need the exercise!)
    3. Go to sleep earlier

    So glad you mentioned dry brushing because I have totally forgot to do that lately! I need to jump back on that band wagon!

  39. Charissa

    Brenda – these are great! Dry brushing is the bomb!

  40. Brenda Penton

    Subscribed to your blog

  41. Brenda Penton

    I am follow Quest on YouTube (youtube username is newfiechic)

  42. Brenda Penton

    I am following you on YouTube (youtube username is newfiechic)

  43. Brenda Penton

    I pinned the photo to Pinterest.

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