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First Day of the Smoothie Challenge

If you are doing the challenge, this is a post you’ll want to read. I’m pumped about this month!

The giveaway widget is live and you can start adding your entries! I know some of you have shared the challenge via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram already…and those posts are worth an entry! So grab the links for those if you want a few extra entries!

Remember, as the challenge goes on through the month, you don’t have search for the original challenge post to log in your entries, just go to the Colourful Smoothie Challenge page (see image below), and that’s it!

Challenge Page

Use the hashtag #colourfulsmoothie and tag me at @colourfulpalate – this handle works for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I can’t wait to see your smoothies!

Yesterday I started my smoothie challenge early! Well kinda.

Smoothie Love

Personally, I see Booster Juice as way too much sugar (even if you get a more “natural” smoothie), but it’s a nice little last hurrah before I start my Philosophie cleanse and work on getting a lot more superfoods into my daily smoothie!

Here is your weekly challenge! (FYI, if you do the weekly challenges there is a surprise PRIZE you’ll be eligible for!)

So write down your THREE goals for this week! Put them somewhere you can see them (post-it notes are the best!) and go get ’em!

Write down your goals and then make them happen!

I’d love to hear some of your goals (and if you watched the video you know mine!), so comment below and tell me!

P.S. Just started Philosophie cleanse and can we just talk about the Cacao Magic smoothie?! It’s amazing! Thank you Sophie!

Keep up with the challenge and subscribe here!

Happy Summer! xo

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8 Responses to “First Day of the Smoothie Challenge”

  1. Darleen Weston

    Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Sarah Conklin

    My weekly goals:
    Drink 3 mason jars of water, and set reminders on my phone for it! <totally snagging this one from you!
    Pass on the sugar! this is a MUST for me right now. with ice cream season here, sugar and i have been wayyyy too friendly again.
    Journal at least 3 times this week.

    I am super excited for June, some delicious smoothies, and meeting goals. :)

  3. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I’m not sure where to leave this comment (silly Shannon can’t follow directions), so I’ll do it here. I’ve always liked that lemon smoothie from a couple years ago. So good <3

  4. Cheryl

    Goals -bike ride every day.- Taking a friend out this week. -Watching no tv.

  5. Kia

    Aww thanks for your comment it is so good :)

  6. Molly

    My goals:
    – Try a different flavour of smoothie each day (I tend to get stuck in ruts)
    – Buy a smoothie out (Because I deserve it)
    – Read a book (Leaving time)
    * Happy to report I completed them all*

  7. Liza

    I love this challenge, because it is so much more than drinking a delicious smoothie every day for a month. For me, it’s about planning, working towards and meeting my SMART goals I set each week.
    Most importantly, it is about improving my emotional and physical life.

    Week 1:
    My Three Goals:
    1. Do my physiotherapy exercises as prescribed, not just when I feel like doing them
    2. Set a time to practice restorative/gentle yoga each day for at least 20 minutes
    3. Eat 3-4 cups of vegetables each day. Pre-chop a bunch, so they are ready to snack on.

    My Bonus Goal:
    4. Find new and exciting place to walk my dogs (gardens, parks, woods, near ponds/lakes) and have a healthy or fun incentive waiting at the end of each walk. (A fun activity, healthy snack, or why not a smoothie!!!)

    The Obvious Goal:
    5. Drink a delicious smoothie each day!!!

  8. Charissa

    Liza – I LOVE these goals! Awesome!

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