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10 Top Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

I last talked about how I got rid of my un-classy caffeine addiction by replacing my morning coffee with hot lemon water. At first I started with hot lemon and honey, then I subbed out the honey for stevia, and now I’ve nixed the sweetener completely. It’s tart, refreshing, and the perfect wake-up call.

Why You Should Have Lemon Water EVERY day

Now it’s a full-blown healthy habit.

Squeeze my Lemon - Why I Drink Lemon Water DAILY

And I do mean healthy. I’ve always known lemon was good for you, but once I was drinking it daily, I started researching the specific health benefits. Get ready to be inspired by the humble lemon.

Why You Need the Humble Lemon in Your Life

  1. Lemons alkalize the body – it raises your overall pH balance, which, when optimal, is a no-illness/no disease environment
  2. Lemons helps cure (or prevent) colds – this is due to the high amount of vitamin C lemons have. I had been drinking lemon water daily for a few weeks when the flu was going around like crazy. I just got a few sniffles. I’ll take that over a fever, thanks.
  3. It’s an effective way to diminish viral infections and resulting sore throats.
  4. Helps  replenish body salts – this is important after your body has sweat a lot, like after an afternoon outdoors or after a good workout. Lemon juice helps bring back some balance.
  5. Lemons help the body detox gently – it helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and a lot of different types of diseases (benefits of vitamin C, my friends!). It also flushes out toxins by enhancing enzyme function, which stimulates your liver to work more efficiently. Also, it works as a breath freshener – ’nuff said..just another great reason to drink it in the a.m.
  6. Helps you cut out caffeine – read my story of how I got un-addicted to caffeine.
  7. Reduces blemishes – all those antioxidants yo!
  8. The citric acid in lemon juice helps to dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney stones.
  9. Aids in reducing pain and inflammation – especially great for joints and/or knees as it dissolves uric acid.
  10. Lemons have an insane cleansing effect (because it’s antiseptic) – This directly affects your liver, kidneys and blood. It’s said that if your liver is tired, or overworked, this is what mainly influences how good (or bad) we feel. My daily lemon water is how I show love to my liver – it’s like a daily mini “cleanse”. It’s also said that it will increase your energy.

10 Top Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily

Honestly, this is a short list. Lemons do A LOT. Just ask those sailors who almost died from scurvy a bazillion years ago. Wait, they’re dead. Anywhoo…

So how much should you have in a day?

Personally, I stick to half a lemon a day. Also, just because I’m pratical, and the lemons last twice as long. However, there is a rule of thumb that if you’re over 150lbs then you should have the juice of a whole lemon. If you’re under 150lbs, then stick to half.

 My only caution about lemon juice is that, because it’s high in citric acid, it can erode tooth enamel. Easy fix? Just don’t take a straight shot (though I’m not sure why anyone would do that). Instead, dilute it in a glass of water. For people with weaker teeth or OCD tendencies,  you can drink your lemon water with a straw.

Another tip: A few months ago I met a news anchor at a fashion show. She had the most beautiful skin I’d ever seen. Blame genetics, but she swore to me her secret was green tea and lemon juice every morning. Turns out, green tea and lemon are a beautiful match.

Green Tea with Lemon

More lemon love inspiration:

 Follow me on Pinterest for things that I’m inspired by (and you will be too!).

 Are you a lemon convert yet?

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7 Responses to “10 Top Reasons to Drink Lemon Water”

  1. Leanne

    Charissa, this is probably a stupid question – but does it mater if the water it hot or cold? And can I spread it out between my water for the day, or is a concentrated amount better?

  2. Charissa

    Leanne – To be honest, I think the difference is marginal. I think why warm water is promoted is because it can be better for digestion (because it does not cause the fats from the foods you have eaten or are eating to solidify). It allows the body to more easily digest and can help get rid of the unwanted fats from the body. It also prepares the stomach for food by stimulating stomach glands.

    I think warm water is healthy in the morning as it helps to flush the kidneys and help with bowel movements. Maybe TMI, haha, but essentially any hot beverage does that in the a.m. I think lemon water spread out through the day is a small difference. For me, it’s my morning ritual.

  3. Debbie

    Wow! I knew lemons were good for you but I had know idea! I’m not ready to cut out the coffee but I will be adding some lemon water to my routine.

  4. Christy

    but green tea has caffeine, or is it only coffee you consider unclassy? I adore coffee and am going to keep my classy addiction. I do like lemon water later in the day (so not trying to be snarky so I hope none of it came off that way :)

  5. Charissa

    Christy, haha…I adore coffee too and I’ll never give it up. I just needed to not be “addicted” to it or “need” it so get through the day. Caffeine isn’t a bad thing (whether it’s in coffee or green tea), I just don’t want to have a dependency on it – that’s why I’ve dramatically changed my coffee habits.

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    […] 6. A cup of coffee in my favourite mug – I like morning routines and this birthday gift from a friend is my favourite morning coffee mug. However, I also try to drink a glass of water before sipping any morning coffee.My newest obsession is adding some lemons to my morning water. […]

  7. Annie

    Thanks for all this helpful information. I am going to start my morning out right! :)

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