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In a Car Accident

Hospital Flowers

It only takes 3 seconds.

I shouldn’t be here, at least not according to the EMTs, police, or the doctors. That’s why I was missing in action here on Colourful Palate for over a month, I’ve been in recovering from a car accident.

About a month ago, I had an early shift at work and once finished, I started packing to go see my family for a couple days.

Only 30 minutes away from home, I woke up to discover I was in a real nightmare. Only 3 seconds of sleep and I was heading into the ditch. In the only 3 seconds I actually remember, I over-corrected and screamed for Jesus to save me. I saw myself straddling the lines on the highway and then nothing.

The whole of my rescue, or the next two days for that matter, I was awake for, but I can’t recollect a thing. I guess shock does that.

The highways weren’t busy that day, but one man driving the opposite way saw it happen. I’m thankful. The ditch was deep and they said I could’ve been there for hours without anyone finding me.

After I over-corrected, my car went flying into the right ditch, hit rocks, flipped over and hit a concrete casing surrounding a nine foot culvert going 110 kilometers. The back of my car scrunched like an accordion and the car flipped onto the drivers side. The airbags never went off. I was trapped in my car for 45 minutes until they could pull me out with the jaws of life.

Car Accident

IMG_3435 (2)

I don’t know how people found out so quickly, but I had barely reached the hospital before many people were praying for me and in the waiting room. Humbling…every prayer is precious. And God hears.

I was sent to the hospital where a trauma team worked on me. Miraculously, which I don’t say lightly…my injuries were only from my neck up. A fractured skull, bleeding on the second layer of tissue around the brain, a fractured cheek bone, and a fractured bone near the temple.

Every window in the car was shattered and yet; I only had a couple scratches on my wrist, one small scrape on my face, and a gash on the top of my head. It doesn’t even make sense. There was a terrific amount of blood from a cut on my head and my nose, but they weren’t severe.

The first week at the hospital I had pneumonia and cerebral spinal fluid leakage coming out of my nose and ears. CSF leakage is very serious, but see…after Jesus has saved your life, He really doesn’t see that stuff as a problem. Maybe I’m not the anxious type…but I never worried once. I just knew God had me.

Hospital Therapy

Through all of this, I’m reminded that God will keep us from death until we finish what’s He’s created us to do. If our hearts are His, we have nothing to ever be afraid of because there is no higher power than the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s not allow any fear to cripple our trust or put us on pause from fighting for truth. Let’s not let the shortness of life cause us to pursue selfish happy endings but to show the world what His love actually looks like. Let’s not sweat over small things or hold onto our right to feel hurt and pity ourselves. We’re alive. If we trust God and live by His definition of love, nothing can touch us.

Parents and Daughter at Hospital

(my parents and I on the day I went home)

I’m recovering at home now (and have been for the past month), and am finally at the point where I can use my computer , so I’ll be blogging regularly again…and probably sharing my health journey as I recover. Thank you all for the love!

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16 Responses to “In a Car Accident”

  1. Paula Erskine

    Hello. I just discovered your blog today, I’m so glad you’re all right! What a harrowing experience.

    You have to stick around, you’ve got a lot more color to add to the world.

    Stay safe.

  2. Annie

    A beautiful miracle! You make this world a better place, and it wouldn’t be the same without you! Soooo thankful God spared your precious life!

  3. Samantha

    I am so happy to hear that you made to out alive. Wishing you well!

  4. Lucie Palka

    Wow, you were very fortunate, the car wreckage looks very bad! Wishing you well and a full recover!

  5. Patty @ Reach Your Peak

    wow truly a miracle on so many levels. Thank god you’re okay! Falling asleep at the wheel is one of my biggest fears, and I’ve been a passenger in a car where the driver fell alseep (but thankfully we were able to wake him up). Wishing you a quick recovery!

  6. Jaclyn

    Oh wow! How things could’ve gone completely different. Very scary, but it looks like you had God’s Angels with you that day. My heart and prayers are with you.

  7. Recki Corchado

    God has been watching over you. I am so glD that you are ok. We have missed you.

  8. Robin

    Praise Jesus!!!
    Thank You, Lord, for saving your precious daughter!!

    Praying for continued, complete recovery!

    God Bless you!

  9. GiGi Eats

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I AM BEYOND THRILLED that you’re doing alright!!!!!!! Please take it easy. You are seriously blessed to be here still and I am so very happy! :)

  10. Leonor

    I am so glad you are ok! The Lord definitely has a great plan for your life. :)

  11. Barbara caldwell

    I am so sorry this has happened to you you just never know what each day is going to bring I really missed receiving your amazing posts I live in Belfast Northern Ireland and I look forward to them so much

  12. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I saw the title of this post in my inbox, and I had to click through right away to make sure you’re okay. I’m so happy to see that you are recovering and alive. Your faith in God is amazing. He has a plan for you.

  13. Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer

    oh my word. I’m so so glad you are alright. God is faithful and surely has a huge plan for your life. I hope your recovery continues to go well. If you ever need someone to talk to I’m here for you!

  14. Tanya P

    So glad you are doing well! Hoping your recovery is going well also. Take care.

  15. Sue

    So glad to know you will be okay! You are in my prayers…

  16. Meg

    Thankful you are alright <3 Truly a blessing

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