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Oh, it’s February

hi there

Wait, what.

Charissa is posting. What is this?

Yes, yes…I know. A couple months ago my laptop went crazy and operated under severe slow conditions. Instead of being tempted to throw it on the ground hard enough to shake the floor under my shag rug, I choose to pretty much never turn it on. Besides that, I had two jobs and had to work to be able to afford a new computer and tech gear. Pretty infuriating.

I’ve done some soul searching these last couple months…and realized that of all the things I’ve done…I love blogging the best. So now, that I’ve got my new computer (insert virtual happy dance), I’m here.

So what’s up 2015?!

If I’m being real, I’ll say that 2014 had it’s highlights, but a lot of it was super hard. If 2014 had a hashtag, for me, it would be #lovehate – and besides dealing with problems with my computer, I lost a lot of motivation to be blogging and doing what I love. Things like losing my Grandpa and my precious nephew choking…well, and a lot of other personal stuff…I found myself just working two jobs that I didn’t like, just to pay bills and save up for new equipment. I know it’s first world problems, but man, working a job you dislike is a terrible way to spend your time. However, I think life is too short to not being doing what you love…so yah…

I’m super stoked to be back (and on a sweet new computer!), and I can’t wait to get back to blogging regularly.

Just me

Virtual hugs and air kisses for all…

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3 Responses to “Oh, it’s February”

  1. masala girl

    Love the new hair!

  2. Annie

    Yay, you’re back! Love your posts girl!

  3. shannonmarie

    It’s good to see you back. Is that a new hair color? I like it.

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