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Soul Vitamin – Giving What You Have

Soul Vitamin - Giving what you have

Something I’ve been thinking about lately, is giving.

There’s this idea that we have floating around, that we’ll give when we can afford to. I’m not sure if we always have a definite idea of what that looks like…but often, it’s when we ourselves “feel” that our wants/needs are provided for, and we have “surplus” to give away. So whether it’s possessions or money, we wait to give away until we are satisfied…and we have “extra”.

I think this is a first world problem.

Cuba landscape

When I was in Cuba, I couldn’t get over the people. They have so very little…but what they have, they give. I’ve never met such happy folk that no matter what, love with abandon.

Cuban people on a motorbike

I remember one guy said, “You say thank you a lot. That is good.”

“You all do so much for us,” I replied.

“Thankfulness. It’s good. It’s my philosophy,” he said.

And it was. I became friends with one of theguys who walked the beaches every day, all day, sweeping off lounge chairs and the walkway. He opened up about how hard life often was, working long hours, early morning bus rides (often two hours one way!), and rarely getting a day off to spend with his son. He said, “Sometimes it is hard to be happy all the time, but you keep smiling. It helps and then, it makes you happier.”

The road of faith might be long, but it is the best

He continued as he talked about his faith in Jesus and said, “This road is a long one, but it is the best one.”

Even though life wasn’t easy, he recognized that because he had Jesus…he had joy, and much to give.

Crowded apartments in Cuba

(Cuban apartments)

I think that’s one of the things that was a deeply rooted in my heart leaving Cuba. Don’t wait till you have extra to give, whatever you have now…give. I think that’s the secret to a lot more happy.

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  1. Robin

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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