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Colourful People: Blogilates Cassey Ho

Today I’m really excited to introduce you to Cassey Ho from Blogilates! However, I’m not really sure I need to even “introduce” her to you, since she’s pretty famous in the fit world. I’ve followed her for several years and her determination, passion, and drive to succeed have inspired me. I love her vivacity for life and her dedication!

Cassey Ho Interview

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor, creator of POP Pilates, pro blogger at Blogilates, and the designer of oGorgeous Bags…and I’m so happy to share with you a special interview! She’s considered by Share Care to be Top 2 as an online influence (second only to Jillian Michaels! Whaaa!). So thanks Cassey for the priviledge of interviewing you, and the rest of you, enjoy!

Cassey, you are one of my entrepreneurial heroes – you have built a successful business from the ground up, all while doing something you’re passionate about! Can you tell me a little about how you got started as an online Pilates instructor, blogger, & gym clothing designer?

A. I posted my first video on YouTube right after I graduated from college for my real life students who wanted to work out with me on non-class days. Eventually people all across the internet saw my video and wanted me to make more workouts! I listened to the comments and that’s how my channel grew. The fans then asked more about my life, so that’s why I started the blog. And my clothing designs are a result of my childhood dream to be a fashion designer and my love fit fitness and fashion!

What did you think was the leading factor to bringing you to where you are today?

A. Passion and confidence.


Did your educational background help you succeed? How did you learn to manage your website and produce such great videos?

A. I majored in Biology and minored in Business. Everything I learned about HTML, e-commerce, and video editing I learned from watching, experimenting, and of course…Google.

Was this your first business venture? Is there anything that would you have done differently?

A. My first business venture was a cookies and candies company called “Cooplex” that I started in 8th grade with my best friend Amy. Back then no one cared about calories and sugar. I don’t think I would have done anything differently. We got the whole school addicted to Cooplex.

Cassey, you make a career out of inspiring people to be healthy and fit, what’s that balance like for you? As fitness professionals, I feel like it’s an industry that gets burnt out easily.

A. I don’t get burned out because I love what I do and I love seeing people take charge of their own lives and transform their lifestyles. That’s what being a teacher is all about.

What are some of your best tips to staying healthy when you’re so busy?

A. Even if you can’t get an intense workout in, do SOMETHING. It is better than doing nothing. Even walking!

Pop Pilates Cassey Ho

How many hours do you work a week?

A. A million. Haha, ok seriously – every waking hour. I’m not kidding.

For someone who is trying to build a business out of their passion, do you have any tips?

A. Believe in yourself. And just go for it.

Are you working on any new projects right now that we can get excited about?

A. Yes! My first book is coming out Fall 2014!

What’s your current favourite workout?

A. I love POP Pilates obviously. But if I am looking for a quick fat burning session, then HIITs will do. High intensity interval training.

Blogilates Mat

(Blogilate Workout Mat)

Do you have a life mantra or favourite quote you live by?

A. Don’t focus on the end goal only. Find the joy in the journey.

Cassey Ho and Her Workout Wear Line

Thanks again Cassey! It was an honour to have you on Colourful Palate and I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with next!

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3 Responses to “Colourful People: Blogilates Cassey Ho”

  1. Anne

    Thanks so for interviewing this inspirational gal! Wow, where does she get the energy to do all she does! :)

  2. shannonmarie

    Great interview. Cassey’s YouTube videos are always so much fun. Hayden loves doing her workouts with me. I was excited to see her workout DVD in Target the other day.

  3. Chris

    I’ll go with what Cassey anchored her success on – Passion and confidence. In my own way, they’ve worked for me too although not in the scope that it’s worked for Cassey. But I’m still in there pitching and continue to have the confidence to keep pushing.

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