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Love Handles Workout

It’s almost Valentines…so time for a heart wrenching workout.

Not really. However, I love working my core and abs so I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my favourite workout moves. This little routine can be done without going anywhere and

doesn’t take very long.

Just spend 30 seconds on each exercise and then cycle through the workout 2-3 times. It will get your abs burning! You WILL feel it.

Love Handle Workout

I don’t have big plans for Valentines, but I’m going to hang out with some friends and indulge in some ice-cream. Also, I’ll wear red. Yah, I know. This is how it is when you’re single…you “celebrate” by eating ice-cream and wearing red. Yup.

My recent facebook status says it all. “Single friends: Just know that my socks are single too and they’re not sad at all. We must all be like socks.” Yup.

Besides the time spent eating chocolate, I’ll also be spending time with this gal…

Happy Valentines!

While I’m taking Exercise Science at the college, the lovely Jannelle is my roomie. I’m so blessed that God gave me such a great friend while I’m here in the city.

Do you wear red or pink on Valentines?

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6 Responses to “Love Handles Workout”

  1. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I’m ridiculous when it comes to dressing for the holidays. I’ve got on a pale pink sweater with dark red and navy hearts on it. I guess I like wearing both pink and red on Valentine’s Day.

    Somehow my household ended up celebrating Valentine’s Day a day early. I always make my hubby the same meal I’ve made him since our first Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to give him his favorite chocolate chocolate chip muffins I had picked up fresh from the bakery that day (that’s what started the early celebration). We exchanged gifts (he got me the sweater I am wearing now, etc.), and included the kids, as well. We’ve made it a family event.

    Today, Hayden and I are playing “slumber party spa day” (we’ll be painting our nails red), while my hubby is at work and my son is at school. She thinks Valentine’s Day is one of the best days ever.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Oh, and I think I’ll do your “love handle” workout today, too :-)

  3. Leonor @foodFaithFitness

    I don’t have plans for Valentine’s either. It’s overrated IMO. I will eat chocolate though!

  4. April

    Hi, I can’t seem to see the workout in the post… is this because I’m on Google Chrome? Thanks, and happy v-day! :)

  5. Charissa

    April~ Hmmm, well the workout is the image. Maybe refresh your browser? Or use a different browser?

  6. Mindy Artze

    That is a tough workout! But good! Thank you!!

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