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Project Morning Person

Alarm Clock 01

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. However, it must be in the genes, because my whole family are night owls. Most days it’s pretty much midnight. We’re just night people and that’s what we like.

However, I’m going to school next month to get my CPT and in order for me to get to college on time (I have to drive a ways), I will have to get up ridiculously early to get to classes. Seeing me early in the morning you’d think I was in shell-shock, so I decided that for the month of August I would change.

Every week I’ve been getting up half an hour earlier. This gives my body one week to adjust to the new time before I get up a half an hour earlier the following week. So far, it’s been going good. I’m going to be a morning person if it kills me! I’m now down to getting up at 7:30 and I know that’s going to sound lame to you morning people, but when you go to bed in the wee morning hours, this is an accomplishment! Trust me.

Morning Me 01

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The tricky part is going to bed early. Somehow I have this idea that I can still stay up late and get up early; however, I’m learning this doesn’t really work. Nope.

I’ll get it though. I still have 3 weeks to completely evolve myself into a bubbly, bouncing morning person. Okay. Just a morning person.

Here are some tips for any of you who are like me (i.e. hopeless night owls):

  • Don’t drink anything with caffeine before bed – you want to sleep as quickly as possible
  • Prepare the night before – set out your clothes, running shoes, a big glass of water, ect
  • Set your alarm to a happy song – morning good mood here we come!
  • Put your alarm on the other side of the room – then you have to get OUT of bed to shut it off
  • GET UP (don’t think about it!) and drink 1 tall glass of water – this gets your system going and tells your body that you’re awake
  • Do a quick workout to get your body awake – you might want to try my Wake Up Call Workout!

Morning Wake Up Call 01

Hope those tips help and seriously, if you have any tips for me I’d LOVE to hear them! So comment below!

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Are you a morning person? Got any tips for me?

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36 Responses to “Project Morning Person”

  1. Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

    Love these tips! I am actually more of a morning person than a night person and I still have trouble getting up in the morning! I don’t know how all you night people do it!

  2. Kate

    Haha! Yep, welcome to mornings – sounds like you’re doing just fine though :-)

    I used to be a morning person, but I’ve started to shift the other way. Your tips are perfect. The only extra one I have is that turning on a light (lamp whatever) makes a huge difference to your ability to get out of bed.

    Silly bodies – why can’t they just do what we need them to?!

  3. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    About an hour before bed time (8PM), I turn off all tvs, computers, etc and I start to get my things together for bed. I like to be in bed by 8:30 where I read to wind down. I also don’t have any caffeine after 3PM to give myself plenty of time to get it out of my system. I usually put the book down by 9/9:30 and fall asleep by 10. My first alarm goes off at 5:30, which is something soothing so I’m not jolted awake. I drink coffee and water first thing to wake my body up first thing.
    I think you’ve got a solid plan there to get your used to it! Good luck!!

  4. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    I am in the same boat as you. Staying up way too late and excepting to get up early. Recipe for disaster. Thing is, I used to be a morning person! PS – that picture is hilarious.

  5. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    They look like good tips, but since I’m a total morning person I can’t be sure :-p.

    I’m typing this at 9:30 which is totally late for me. I do think it’s key to get to bed earlier. Don’t wince or scream or anything, but I usually get up at 4 am.

  6. Katie

    Ha! Here I am at 11:30, should be in bed but reading your posts… I have dreamed (don’t mind the pun) of being a morning person but have yet to achieve it. Ideally, I’d wake up at 5:30, run for 3-4 miles and be ready to start my day.

    This has not yet happened. Oh well!

  7. KymberlyFunFit

    I am impressed by your plan and your success thus far! My tip — get a puppy. Yup! Nothing gets you up and at ’em like an eager, energetic, lick you in the face at the crack of 7:30 dog with a wagging tail and smile! Make sure it’s a persistent puppy. You can thank me a lot later! Uh huh!

  8. Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness

    You’re doing great so far. I’m such a morning person I’m curious to see if you become a morning person and start to feel how you look :)

  9. Miz

    LOVE THIS!!!!
    Im a morning person but only by default.
    once the rest of the house is up—my metime is GONE :)

  10. Glenneth

    i really don’t have any tips for you, i have always been a morning person. good luck!

  11. Heather

    I am most definitely NOT a morning person, which is funny since I start work at 7am! My coworkers know not to talk to me until after 9. Lol.
    Good luck!

  12. Meredith @ Dare You To

    hah I’ve been putting my alarm on the other side of the room for long as I can remember! When you have to get up to turn it off, you may as well keep moving

    Great tips! I’ll be using them,because I also will have a drastically changing schedule starting in 2 weeks and need to begin adjusting NOW. I’ll be waking up about 2 hours earlier, or 3 hours if I want to squeeze in my morning workout. It’s not that I go to bed so late, but that’s an adjustment for anyone! Wishing us both luck :)

  13. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers

    I am a morning person, which is good since I love getting my workout in before work. I never have energy past 5 pm! In order to get everything done early though, I’ve had to train myself to prep the night before. Lunch, gym bag, breakfast, everything!!!

  14. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake

    I love your ideas! I couldn’t agree more with putting your alarm out of reach; that’s a must-do for me or else I’ll just keep hitting snooze!

    I’m going to try getting up & having a glass of water right away. I can see how that would sort of “jump start” everything & wake me up!

  15. MCM Mama

    I’m so not a morning person either. As we head back to the school year, I need to start getting my kids and myself back to early wakeups. Great tips!

  16. Elle

    I have always been a morning person, but I don’t like to rush! I get up and have a nice hot cup of lemon water and relax with it before I start getting ready for my day. Good luck with it.

  17. jaime

    i am so not either…i love staying up to watch tv, schedule blog posts, read, etc. but the mornings are brutal! I need to try some of these tips. good luck!


    I was never a morning person until I became a mom and the morning was the only time I could have some peace and quiet in the house.

    I love your morning workout. that’s a good one.

  19. Theodora

    Good job! I’ve been trying to become a morning person, too. The thing with doing it is you just can’t think about it–you just need to get up!

  20. Amanda @ Run Principessa

    Oh, drinking a glass of water is the best tip I’ve seen I think. I’ve got a bunch of 8ams and full days ahead of me. So I need to work on getting up early. I’m glad I’m not alone in this journey.

    I might need some support system tweets. Haha. Good luck!!

  21. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I was never a morning person until I had kids. Now I just have trouble staying up at night.

  22. Tina @ Best Body Fitness

    I’ve always been a morning person. I get up at 4:45 every morning since it’s my most productive time of day and I prefer to get more work done then. However, like you mentioned, I’ve learned that trying to burn the candle at both ends doesn’t work. I keep trying to stay up later reading or watching a TV show or just chilling with Peter and have been paying for it big time.

  23. Katelyn

    I need to work on getting up earlier — and FEELING awake. Love the workout!

  24. Rachel @ Runner's Tales

    I haven’t been a morning person since high school. Ever since then, I have functioned better when I don’t start moving before 8 am. I would LOVE to become a morning person again so I can get more things done in a day!

  25. Christy

    This post is so me! I don’t actually mentally wake up and want to be a functioning part of society until at least 12 P.M. Nightowl for life!

  26. Amanda@HappyMotherRunner

    I use to be a morning person. Don’t know what happened.
    But I work with robots in my spare time (sounds crazy I know)…LOL! But there is a robot alarm clock that rolls off your night stand and around the room. You have to get up, catch it, and solve a math problem to turn it off. Talk about a wake up call!

  27. Courtney

    You would think that with 2 toddlers in my house I’d be a morning person, however, I am not. I’m a freelance designer so my days start when I want them to and I’m in no rush to get the littles to daycare. This is about to change when they start school in 3 weeks. I think I may give you plan a try so we have some kind of hope of making it to school on time!

  28. Kate @ ab belt

    Definitely not a morning person! Love these tips and agree with most of you saying that it’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh.

  29. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I don’t drink caffeine usually past lunch the day before I get up early. Getting to bed early is key! I try to aim to be in bed by 9 and fall asleep by 9:30. I wake up to run at 4:30 am, 3 days per week. I will probably try and get some other early morning workouts in to make better use of my time.

  30. Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife

    that is a great idea to get used to waking up early! I’m a total morning person. However I can’t workout right away. I need to eat, drink coffee, and blog and then I’m finally ready for a good workout. I work second shift though so I have some time to just hang out until work.

  31. Kareen

    Great plan! I’m a morning person but I like to wake up to happy music, too.

  32. Sarah

    You’re doing great! I alway tell myself before I go to bed what time I will be waking up so I can mentally prepare for it too. I love the workout too! You’ll get there – one half hour at a time. :)

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  34. Jen

    Great morning workout! It’s just enough to get you moving.

  35. Esther

    Setiing a soothing bedtime routine helps too. I make sure to wash my face and brush my teeth and whatever else in the same order each night. It’s like telling my body, “Hey, time to shut it down!”

    Good luck with those early mornings! Took me a while but now I’m up by 5am so I can get to the gym before work.

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