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Natural Lip Treatment

So you know those people who are always smearing lip balm on – like ALL the time, whether they just did it or not. Well, that’s kind of me. I have a pet peeve of dry, flaky lips – but I rarely deal with that.

This is probably because of my lip balm addiction. I’m constantly smearing on lip balms…and I have them for every occasion. Lip balm with SPF (for outside), tinted lip balm for natural every day wear, lip glosses with shea butter balm and intense lip balms for deep nighttime rehydration. No dry lips for me!

I also brush my lips with a toothbrush for exfoliation. Apparently, I heard that models use this tip all the time. It’s good not only for sloughing off any dry skin, but for boosting circulation as well. I’ve done this for years. If doing that with a toothbrush doesn’t appeal to you…just mix a little sugar with olive oil and rub it on.

My favourite makeup/skin care company LoveTrueNatural sent me this lip treatment a few weeks back to review.

Lip Treatment 01

It’s my new favourite.

It’s actually designed for women who are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, or thin lips – and with natural, non-toxic (even edible!) ingredients it firms and smoothes. They use natural ingredients like cinnamon and sepilift to volumize the lips and it’s proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Over time it’s supposed to make your lips look fuller too – I don’t really care about that, but I guess some people do.

I love this smooth lip treatment because it smells pretty, provides great hydration, the ingredients are edible, and I like how natural it is and how it looks. Literally, it reminds me of liquid pearls in feel and look. I feel expensive when I put it on (grin).

There is peppermint in the product which I love…mmmm, smells so nice and I like the fresh, cool feeling!

Lip Gloss 01

(I think I look like a furry lion in this picture, but I wanted to show you how nice and natural the lip treatment looks!)

It’s funny, years ago, I read that the lines around the mouth (and the eyes) is what makes a person look old. It was encouraged that we should be moisturizing those areas EVERY night to prevent wrinkles and dryness. While I think smile lines are beautiful, someone how this piece of information has stuck with me. I try to always moisturize around my eyes and mouth at bedtime. Personally, I’m not too worried about aging, but I think moisturizing is important for healthy, smooth skin. At night, you can put the lip treatment around your mouth, as well as your lips for extra hydration.

Little side-note: I also think it’s great that this product is cruelty free, certified as a natural product, and vegan.

Lip Treatment 02

Hope you enjoyed the beauty tips (I’m such a girl!) and if you want a chance to win this product come back tomorrow! One of you is going to be really lucky!

Do you have any natural lip care tips? Are you one of those people who are always putting chapstick on?

This review was compensated, but all the opinions are my own and I only review products that I really love.

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9 Responses to “Natural Lip Treatment”

  1. Katherine @ Green Thickies

    I’m exactly the same with my lip sil addiction. I put it on all the way through the day. Sometimes I wonder if it actually causes my lips to get worse and if I just went through a couple of days without anything on at all that my lips would recover? I hate feeling of dry lips and I’m the same with my hands too.

  2. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    I used to use Chapstick all the time (and lipgloss) in college but now that I’m much healthier and well hydrated, I never need it. I have a whole box of lipgloss that just sits there!

  3. Heather @ Side of Sneakers

    Mmm sounds like it feels really good. I’m obsessed with lipbalms that smell good. ;)

  4. Tanya P

    I use to use it all the time, now only at night, I can’t sleep without my balm, lol. I use a toothbrush on my lips too.

  5. Katie @wishandwhimsy

    It does look very nice and natural. I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds wonderful.

  6. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I haven’t tried that lip treatment. Looks like a good one. Will have to try it.

    I actually have done the toothbrush trick, which works really well. I’m also a big fan of Hurraw lip balms. The black cherry one is so good (seriously, it tastes good, too).

  7. Jen

    I’m really bad about moisturizing my lips but after reading your post and reading about your new favorite lip treatment I’m convinced I should especially since I’m not getting any younger!

  8. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I love lip balm. I have one in my purse and one in my gym bag. I can’t live without it!

  9. Kumiko Mae

    When it’s really cold or when I’m in a cold place, i always have to have my lip balm treat myself. i dont see anything wrong with it. in fact, i cant sleep well wo a lip balm :D your lips doesnt look flaky at all and they look so plumped and hydrated. thats the prize of taking care of yourself :D great job!

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