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Vega Energizing Smoothie

Energizing Vega Smoothie 01

As part of the Smoothie Challenge, Vega has sent me their newest line of products – their Energizing Smoothies. I have been a long time fan of Vega for years, so I was elated about their newest product.

Seriously, people. The nutrition in Vega products is what keeps me coming back for more. Only one serving of Vega Energizing Smoothie has:

  • 2 servings of vegetables (but you can’t taste it!)
  • 10 grams of complete, plant based protein (great for vegans!)
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 1 gram of Omega

Just shake and go 01

I love their smoothie line because it’s ridiculously easy to just shake it up and go on your way. You can use water or almond milk. With my smoothie challenge, I’ve made a commitment to have a smoothie every day for the month of July. However, I’m traveling quite a bit in that time and I won’t have a blender with me – this is when I’ll be grabbing a pouch of my Vega Energizing Smoothie and drinking it on the go. No blender needed.

They suggest that you mix the protein with 8 ounces of water/nut milk. This gives it a thicker, smoothie texture which I liked (felt more meal-like), but if you want it to be more of a juice-like consistency, just add twice the amount of liquid.

Vega Chocolate 01

My favourite flavour of the smoothie line was the Choco-A-Lot. It had a really great taste and tasted very creamy, even when just mixed with water. I didn’t notice a gritty or chalky taste and found it to be really smooth. I’m addicted to this one. The other day I combined it with some chocolate almond milk for an extra nutritional boost. So yummy.

Tropical Vega 01

The Tropical Tango had a great flavour (a dominant mango taste), but it was a bit gritty at the end of the glass. What made me enjoy it more is using nut milk and ice instead of plain old water. They really nailed down the tropical flavour.

Vanilla Vega 01

After the first sip of this Vanilla Almond smoothie, I decided I didn’t like the strong vanilla almond flavour. Then I kept sipping away at it and by the end of the glass, I came to the conclusion that I really did like it. I have no idea what was going on with my tastebuds. This smoothie was a bit gritty and chalky for me, so I’ll probably end up using this in my “blend it up” smoothies for extra nutrition, protein, and fiber.

Berry Vega 01

The Bodacious Berry had a nice flavour – with an emphasis on strawberries. Once again, this flavour seemed a little gritty once I got to the bottom of the glass. To me, that’s not really a problem since I just sort of swish my glass around more as I get close to finishing it. I see myself drinking these smoothies when I’m in a rush to get out the door – there are some days where even a piece of toast takes too much time to get ready!

Dandelion Smoothie 01

Their natural smoothie flavour was the one I wasn’t super keen on it by itself. Yet, when I used it in a smoothie I was impressed. The other day I had it in my dandelion orange smoothie and was happy about the nice taste it gave the smoothie (while covering up some of the bitterness of the dandelion greens). I see myself using it a lot IN smoothies for extra fiber, protein, and veggies in my diet.

In conclusion, I have to say this smoothie line has made me more of a fan for Vega. Their company’s products aren’t just about getting in extra protein. It’s about superfoods, veggies, extra fiber, and organic foods. Most supplement companies aren’t like that and just focus on one aspect instead of the whole nutritional picture. They’re also DAIRY FREE, VEGAN, WHEAT FREE, and SOY FREE, which I think is awesome. Thank you Vega for sending me your products (love!).

This line is from their website and it totally sums up how convenient and awesome Energizing Smoothie is…

Energize your day with a convenient, on-the-go nutrient boost. Energizing Smoothie gives you the all-natural, plant-based goodness you expect from Vega—complete with protein, fiber and Omega-3—but unlike traditional smoothies, you only need water to shake and go. In four mouth-watering flavors: mixed tropical fruits, chocolate, vanilla almond, and berries (plus an unflavored natural), Energizing Smoothie is so delicious it will make you forget how healthy it is.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter Vega’s Get Energized Photo Contest! There are a ton of amazing prizes (over a hundred of them!). If you’re interested, you send in a photo of you doing something active and the Energizing Smoothie. Something like this photo…

I feel Energized when 01

This pose/exercise is probably in horrible form, but it’s a move I JUST learned. I had seen pictures of people doing this pose and didn’t even think to try it – I just automatically thought I couldn’t do it. I ended up trying it and doing it. I was sort of proud of myself (pat on my own back). And yes, I do realize the upside down face does make me look like a little piggy. My sister also informed me that I look like a teenager. It’s okay. I’m secure.

Also, Vega is giving away samples for their Vega One line – simply click here and get yourself one for free! Hurry and get one while supplies last…it’s perfect for adding to a smoothie for the challenge!

Vega Shake 01

Hope you enjoyed this review! Remember…one of you challenge participants is going to win one of these smoothie pouches this week! I’ll let you know who won on Monday!

Have you tried Vega’s Energizing Smoothie yet?

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13 Responses to “Vega Energizing Smoothie”

  1. Michelle @ Blogitness

    These look so good. I’ve been meaning to try them!

  2. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    I’ve been wanting to try Vega, so thanks for the review and the link to get a free sample. I’m glad to hear that you like them and I like the idea of adding them to a regular smoothie for added nutrition.

  3. Lindsey

    I have and love them! My favorite is Tropical Tango – I blend it with a frozen banana and almond milk.

  4. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I love Vega products and the company, too. I wish I lived closer to them. Such a fun company to work for. Your pic is great. Fingers crossed that you have a shot at winning their contest.

  5. Leanne

    I just bought my first Vega smoothie mix yesterday! I’m excited to try it!

  6. Chris Donnelly

    Great Review! I’ll have to try the Chocolate sometime! I’ve heard good things about that company too.. more research is needed :)

  7. Brad Gouthro

    That tropical mango version looks delicious! Mango is my fav fruit!

  8. Heather

    I agree! These are fantastic! I’ve been buying them at Whole Foods over the past month! Chocolate & Mango are definately my go-to faves! Chocolate is excellent in the VitaMix with a frozen bananna and spoonful of PB. Tropical tango is great with some frozen mango…very refreshing. Like you, I use them when I am in a pinch and not able to take the time to make my am juice.

  9. Charissa

    Leanne~ Yay! My favourite is the chocolate kind – I’d love to know what you think!
    Heather~ I’m going to have to try the chocolate with banana and PB – I love that combo!

  10. Tamara

    Well, as a matter of fact, I have!
    They sent me samples to try and review as well. I’ve finished 3 of the 4 and will be posting my comments next week.
    (I’ll try not to be influenced by your fantastically thorough review!)

  11. Miz

    Im the last person to have never VEGA’ed :)

  12. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    Ooh! These sound great! I thought about trying Shakeology (from Beach Body) but I wanted something dairy free and soy free. I was going to ask you but you covered that the end! After poking around their website, the ingredients look good for my picky eating style too. Thanks for the great review of all the flavors!

  13. Janice @ Fitness Cheerleader

    Great review!! They sent me these too – I tried the choc-o-lat one and didn’t like the after taste from the stevia in it, so I’m going to have to try the others by mixing various other fruits with them. Cheers!

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