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Why You Should Use Natural Makeup (review)

Feature 01

Lately I’ve been discovering a lot about conventional makeup products. It’s crazy to look at the list of unpronounceable ingredients and then realize that all of that is going into your skin. Our skin is like a giant sponge; whatever is put on top will eventually sink in through our pores. It also blocks the pores so they can’t breathe or function normally. Conventional makeup looks beautiful on the outside, but really it’s just stacks of toxic chemicals.

So, this year, I’ve been on a mission to replace all my makeup with healthy, natural versions. By the end of year, I want to have weaned myself off of the bad stuff.

I have done a lot of makeup work from weddings to trauma makeup for a small movie company. When you’re doing events like that, it’s really important to get good products…and often, the natural companies aren’t often long wearing or offer good coverage. So it’s taken me a while to adjust my mindset and find really GOOD natural makeup companies.

Natural Makeup 01

That’s why I was so happy to discover Lauren Brookes Makeup. It’s affordable, good quality, and natural. They sent me their powder foundation and blush for me to try out.

Natural Makeup 03

I LOVE the blush…the shade they sent me is my perfect shade (mulberry) because it’s the colour I would get naturally. It’s the same colour my cheeks turn when they get a little burnt by the sun. It’s almost like a half blush/half bronzer. It’s simply my favourite now!

Me 01

(wearing Lauren Brookes powder & blush)

The powder foundation isn’t high coverage, but leaves a nice, natural finish. This is perfect for those who want to wear makeup without looking like they’re wearing it. I actually ended up using it as setting powder for my foundation and once again, the shade (fawn) matches my skin perfectly.

Natural Makeup 02

They sent me a sample for a cream foundation as well, and I really liked it…it had a really pretty “glow” factor to it.

Come back tomorrow because Lauren Brookes is giving away the blush to one lucky reader! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m having a giveaway almost every Saturday now – it’s so much fun to share some great products that I love with you!

Do you wear natural or conventional makeup?

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17 Responses to “Why You Should Use Natural Makeup (review)”

  1. LaChapstickFanatique

    I actually have been switching to all-natural and organic make-up. It definitely has been a journey. I have been posting about it on my blog:

    thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

  2. Heather

    You look GORGEOUS in those photos!!


    Beautiful! I love replacing cosmetics with more natural products (as I do with the food I eat).

  4. Nichole

    i wear and use only arbonne products b/c all of the cosmetics, facial cleansers, health and fitness products, etc. are natural. there are SO many chemicals in everything lately that i can’t handle the thought of allowing them into my system. have you ever tried arbonne cosmetics or health and fitness products? what do you think of them?

  5. Alison @ racingtales

    Wow, fascinating stuff! I don’t wear makeup often but I’m sure the stuff I use is full of toxins. Will have to get some Lauren Brooks, which, by the way, looks beautiful on you and very natural!

  6. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I need to check out that brand. I’ve been going to natural/mineral makeup, cleansers, moisturizers all that as well. I love shopping at Sephora b/c they actually have a section of natural skincare or makeup so it makes it easier to narrow it down. It can be overwhelming.

  7. Tanya Phillips

    Your makeup looks great, natural too. Have a great weekend!

  8. katie

    your stunning! :) clearly reflecting the beauty of our Lord! :)

  9. Courtney Tucker

    I also want to switch to natural…make-up has ruined my face!
    You look so lovely!
    I had this tab opened to make my own makeup, thought I’d share, try it if you’d like!

  10. Acne

    Wow, I like the blush! Very natural looking, good stuff.

  11. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    You look amazing in those pictures.
    I love makeup that brings out your natural beauty without looking fake.

  12. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I got introduced to Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques through my Eco Emi subscription. My fave is the black eyeliner gel. Good stuff.

    Oh, and you look amazing in these pics.

  13. Moxie

    Love your photos!! I only wear cruelty free, natural makeup. Hooray for Lauren Brooke! Great post! x

  14. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I’ve never thought about using natural makeup, but now you have me thinking. You have beautiful skin!

  15. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    I use Bare Essentials. I don’t know how that racks up on the natural scale but I like it!

  16. Julie (@ROJRunning)

    I really should go the natural route. I have so any allergies and intolerances. I actually never wear makeup in my day to day life. We’re talking chapstick kind of girl. When I do wear something it’s eyeliner and maybe mascara. I don’ t even know myself with anything else on! I suppose if I ever had someone nice to go though, it would help to have a stash of stuff

  17. Meredith @ DareYouTo

    you’re glowing! Love this. I definitely haven’t weaned off the bad stuff, but I’ve come to understand how toxic most conventional makeups (and lotions, and hair products, and and and) are for our skin and bodies. I’ve finally tacked the toxins in my food, and now I just need to get on the natural makeup bandwagon. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. I’ll definitely be checking out this Lauren Brooke collection!

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