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Ways to Show Your Hair Some Love

Natural Hair Care 01

I have super straight, long hair. It gets super dry in the summer because I’m outside in the sunshine so much. It’s a common fact that long hair needs extra care and sometimes mine seems to need intensive treatment.

Since natural hair care has been on my mind (actually it’s always on my mind…always on my head), I thought it’d be fun to do a post about natural hair care.

I’m not a fan of hairsprays, mousses, gels…really any hair products, actually. I don’t like to use hairdryers on my already dry hair and well…let’s just say that I keep my hair super boring. It’s usually just in a ponytail all day long. Actually, one of my new years goals was to learn to style my hair in more ways.

Charissa's Natural Hair Care Tips

  •  Don’t ever blow-dry your hair – it doesn’t do anything but hurt your hair. If you really need to use a hairdryer, use a low/cool setting. I never touch the hairdryer…if I’m in a hurry to have my hair dry I go outside and let the wind blow it. It’s my wind dryer and it’s zero electricity, for those who care.
  • Try to lay off the curling iron. This summer I’m trying to curl my hair only 1-2 a week, instead of every day. I’m also experimenting with the sock bun method – if it goes well, I’ll give you an update!
  • Make your own hair products – I’m excited about trying this beach hair spray and maybe some sugar hair spray…a little googling and we can totally forgo all these nasty chemicals by making our own products.
  • If you like a little extra blondness in the summer you can bleach your hair with lemon juice – I’ve done this for years and it totally works. I just mix some lemon juice with water and dump it on my head once I’m outside.
  • Massage your head with a Chinese massager – mine came from the Dollar Store and I love to use it before bed while I’m reading. Massaging your head will help with circulation and help your hair grow faster. Check out this link to see what they look like.
  • Use a silk pillowcase – mine ripped and died, so I haven’t used one in a while…but it’s gentler on the hair and lets the hair slide on the pillow, rather than tugging. Bonus: It also eliminates all those pillow lines that we can wake up with on our face!
  • Trim your locks regularly – ‘nough said.
  • Use sulfate-free, natural shampoo and make sure to condition your hair (helps SO much with dryness). My sister-in-law and I are toying with the idea of the No Poo Method – and using baking soda and apple cider vinegar on our hair instead. We’ve almost convinced ourselves to do it and if I do it and like it, I’ll let you know!
  • Rinse your hair with cold water after you wash it – it’s my new ritual and I love how it makes my hair shiny!
  •  Use coconut oil on your hair – now that I’ve started, I will NEVER stop. I get my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions because they are simply the best brand I’ve tried.

 On that note I want to share with you one of my new favourite hair products that Tropical Traditions sent me.

Lavender oil 01

Although I’ve heard of the benefits of coconut oil for hair for a long time, I never really tried in on my hair. One I tried the hair oil that Tropical Traditions sent me I was hooked.

Okay, people…I’m not lying…after using it consistently for about a week my hair has never ever felt that soft. Seriously, I couldn’t stop touching it. It was amaaazing. My hair didn’t feel dry anymore, but soft, tangle free, and left with a light lavender scent. It’s been so busy lately I haven’t used it, but I tell you, I notice the difference. When I skip the coconut oil, my hair isn’t as soft and tends to be drier.

I mainly use it as a night treatment. I start at the ends of my hair and work the oil up the scalp. Then I’ll wash my hair in the morning. It works as a conditioner as well.

You can also use it for a hair shine by adding the most minuscule amount to your fingers and lightly running it over your hair.

Lavender oil 02

I just love that all the ingredients are completely pure and natural.

Hope you enjoyed this girly post…I had so much fun putting it together! Come back tomorrow because I’ll be having a giveaway so that you  have a chance to try this wonderful hair product!

What’s your best hair care tip? Do you blow-dry your hair?

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8 Responses to “Ways to Show Your Hair Some Love”

  1. Yellow Haired Girl

    I have long hair too – and coconut oil is the best! I was skeptical, but the difference it makes really is amazing.

    I try to avoid blow drying my hair as much as possible, but it’s tough. I make an effort to only wash my hair a couple of times a week though, to try and minimize the wear and tear :) great tips!

  2. Lindsey

    I had no idea about using coconut oil on your hair. I will try it out for sure. I always use sulfate free shampoos, helps keep my color longer and hair is less dry.
    I do blowdry and straighten my hair every other day… I have curly/wavy hair and prefer it straight since it is kinda frizzy and I am not a fan of using products in my hair to tame it.

  3. Tanya Phillips

    I have not heard about coconut oil for hair. I have very fine straight hair :( I don’t use a blow dryer and keep my hair trimmed, I get split ends so easily

  4. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Love your tips, although I could never follow all of them. I usually have to blow dry my hair or it takes hours to dry. It just wants to hold onto all the water. I can get away with air drying occasionally or when I’m at the beach (for some reason, beach air dries it faster). Otherwise, I end up with a headache for some reason (have no explanation for that one; it’s just me).

    I’m trying not to use the curling iron as much, although I’m not giving it up. My hair looks best when I curl it, even a little. In between curling, I either skip a day washing it, or wear it in a braid or a ballerina bun.

    I like to use argan oil on the ends, but very careful not to use too much. The same is true for coconut oil. When I use more than just the tiniest amount, my hair gets all stringy and dirty looking.

    Those recipes look like fun. Thanks for posting the links.

    Oh, and I think your hair is gorgeous!

  5. Heather

    I just bought some regular coconut oil and have been thinking about using it on my hair. You just sold me!

  6. Elisabeth @ CHAARG

    OMG I NEEDED THIS POST, THANK YOU! I have the “picking split ends” habit and today I found a piece of hair with, i kid you not, FOUR (!!!!!!!) splits in it. UM YUCK…. I need a hair cut badly but just want my poor thin hair to grow :( I’m going to try the coconut oil ASAP, sounds great! Thanks again!

  7. Annette @FitnessPerks

    Great post! I use an all natural shampoo and conditioner with essential oils in it. I ROCKS and makes my hair so strong! Have a good weekend!

  8. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I rarely blow dry my hair. Usually on Sundays only! I like to dress up for church! I also don’t color my hair.

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