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Citrus Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub 01

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Hope your day is absolutely perfect! I was going to post another sweet, dessert type of recipe for today, but I decided to give you an idea of what you could make for an easy Valentine’s gift instead.

This is a good notion for someone who likes to err on the natural side with beauty products. It’s not only a quick gift to whip up, but seriously, this is the best foot scrub I have ever tried. It works much better than the store bought ones…and you can make it for pennies! This citrus scented scrub not only leaves your feet exfoliated, but leaves them super soft and lightly scented.

If you don’t want to give it away as a gift, mix it up for yourself…you deserve some pampering on Valentines!

Citrus Foot Scrub

  1. ¾ cup white sugar
  2. pure olive oil, enough to make a paste (around 1/3 cup)
  3. about 10 or more drops of orange essential oil

Foot Scrub 02

Mix the olive oil and sugar.

Foot Scrub 03

Add citrus essential oil.

Foot Scrub 04

I gave this to my sister on her birthday, adding some all-natural lotion to go along with it. She`s one of those superwomen who need to take a break and feel pampered now and then. Enjoy!


Speaking of being pampered, I took a little time today to give myself a fun Valentine’s manicure! I coated my nails twice in pale pink Essie and then added little red hearts with a Sally Hansen polish in 08. Now whenever I look at my fingers it gives me a smile. Actually, this nail look is probably more appropriate for 5 year olds, but hey…it’s fun! Then my toenails needed some loving, so I painted them hot pink.


Nails 02

When I woke up this morning, I put on green tee-shirt and then realized how wrong this was. It wasn’t Saint Patrick`s Day, it was Valentine`s…so I remedied that with a hot pink, striped cardigan. Now all is right with the world.

I started my day off with 30 minutes of the Biggest Loser Jumpstart and then topped off with a vegan protein smoothie with chia seeds. Lunch was raw veggies with an AMAZING raw, cheesy dip, which I will try to post in the next few days.

Our family has a tradition of a special Valentine’s dinner together, with chocolate on everyone’s plate and little love notes to everyone. So I think for tonight’s extravaganza we’re having organic steaks, baked potatoes, and salad. I`ll probably spend my evening with my sister eating dark chocolate and watching an old English BBC drama. Perfect.

Hope your day has been fantastic! I`m learning to draw some Manga, so here’s my very first picture just for you guys!

Happy Valentines!

Are you having a special dinner? What kind of special Valentine`s traditions do you have?

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5 Responses to “Citrus Foot Scrub”

  1. Cakewhiz

    Oh my! I would love that foot scrub as a gift. Your sister is one lucky girl :)

  2. Beth

    Love your nails! I’m not nearly as talented but I’d love to do that on my big toes :)



  4. Charissa

    Mischocolat~ I’m guessing about 6 months…

  5. alma peteros

    I love your nails its so cute and the one you draw perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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