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5 Fitness and Health Apps I Like

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There are tons of amaaaazing apps out there. However, since I have a pretty busy day happening (think course finals!) I won’t tell you about ALL the apps I’m nuts about. However…I want to quickly tell you about a few of my favourites!

1. Lose It! screen capture 2012-3-28-22-7-19

This app is incredible! I don’t count calories much anymore, but when I was, this was the best thing ever. Why I like it: It monitors how many grams of calories, protein, sugar, and fiber I’ve had in a day (and weekly). This is something I still like to monitor from time to time. It has the best food base I’ve found (I’ve tried tons of food diary apps!) and if the food or brand you’re looking up isn’t there, you can simply add it in yourself. You log in your height, weight, and other details about your sweet self and it will give you the amount of calories you need to eat daily and a date that you should hit your goal weight. It also tracks your weight with fun graphs. (picture via LoseIt!)


2. 8 Glasses a Day screen capture 2012-3-28-22-6-37

This app is fun! As you drink your water for the day (you select how many glasses that is!) you tap a full glass of water and then watch as it empties! I try to drink 10-12 glasses daily, so this is great for keeping me on track! It even gives you a little congratulations message when you hit your daily goal, along with a fun fact about why water is so good for you! (.99)


3. Nike Training Club screen capture 2012-3-28-22-10-48

I cannot say enough good things about this app. The best workout app in the world. Period. It has amazing workouts (and lots of them!) to choose from (beginner, intermediate, & advanced) with different focuses (strength, fat loss, targeted area, toning). I have been doing these workouts since summer of last year and I still haven’t run out of new workouts!

You can choose music/playlists of your own to go with the workout or just listen to the instructor giving you hints on how to do the exercises and telling you what to do. There will be beeps to tell you when to stop an exercise and move on. One thing I think is awesome about Nike Training Club, is that if you do not know how to do the exercise, you simply pause it and choose one of the two options: (1) look at photos on how to do it or (2) watch a quick movie. You don’t have to exit out of the workout to look up the move. So easy and takes only seconds.

The app saves your workouts and your progress and even gives you the option of tweeting or sharing on Facebook to keep yourself motivated! Plus, as you move through the workouts you will unlock badges for however many minutes you complete. Often these badges will have a reward attached to them, such as an exclusive celebrity workout or healthy recipes. Anyway, I’m crazy about this app…the workouts are no joke and I really notice myself getting stronger when I do this consistently! (FREE…which is still unbelievable to me)

4. BodyBuilding.Com screen capture 2012-3-28-22-12-2

This is just a great resource for looking up different moves…kind of like a exercise dictionary. I also love a lot of their articles and recipes. Especially their recipes.

You can sign up and have a profile as well, which will allow you to join their community, track your progress, and join in forums. (FREE)


5. 200 Situps screen capture 2012-3-28-22-16-14

This is for those of us who like a challenge. This app works you up to, as the name says, 200 situps. This is great for motivating yourself to do those “mini-workouts” in a day. You don’t do all these situps in a row. You do a certain amount, pause for a break, and continue until you get your daily requirement in. This app is partially responsible for making me very good at situps. Sometimes, this is my “before-bed” workout. (1.99)

There you have it…some of my favourite health/fitness apps that I like to use from time to time! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you tried any of these apps? Do you have any good suggestions to add to the mix?

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13 Responses to “5 Fitness and Health Apps I Like”

  1. Stephanie @ Legally Blinde

    Thanks for all of the information! I actually don’t use any fitness apps, but this has definitely inspired me to check some of them out. Great post!

  2. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    How cool! I need to check these out :D

  3. Claudie

    Alright, this is not an app, but I think it might be useful for people who try to eat more healthily at home ;-) :
    The site creates personalized menu plans based on people’s food preferences and gives them nutritional facts about each recipe.

  4. Kelly @ Free Spirit Food

    I love Lose it, now if only I would USE it!

  5. Sarah

    Agreed about Nike Training Club! It is ABSOLUTELY the best workout app I have found and the workouts kick your butt! I can’t believe that it is free either… I also really like the MyFitnessPal app which is similar to Lose It.

  6. Emily

    I just got my iPhone last week and I’ve been looking around for what the best health/fitness apps are, so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you! The 8 Glasses A Day app will be SO helpful and I already downloaded the Nike Training App and have fallen in love!

  7. Yellow Haired Girl

    I love this! I’m app addicted, and I don’t have some of these ones! I will agree with you about NTC. Super fan. I use it all the time! Thanks for sharing, girl :)

  8. Kayleigh

    This is great – I didn’t know most of these existed! Thanks girl!

  9. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Those look like great apps for those that use them. I rarely do. I mainly like the games to play with my kids. Hayden is really good at Fruit Ninja.

  10. Whitney @ Whit Likes Fit

    Like someone mentioned above I also love myfitnesspal to track food and exercise. And its a little more food than fitness but fooducate lets you scan product barcodes and then it gives it grades based on how good/bad it is for your (artificial flavor/high in sugar/processed etc). Also the Nike+GPS app is a must have for runners. Tracks pace, calories, distance and your route on a map.

  11. timmiecurtis

    I love myfitnesspal also. I my daily workout!

  12. Doris

    I love the Nike Training App.. but not such a fan of the the calorie counting apps as they usually only have information for processed foods and I tend to cook most of my meals myself and wouldn’t know the nutritional values for the life of me.

    Just one thing about situps – I heard from a medical practitioner that sit-ups are generally not good for your back and typically pointless because there are much better core exercises.. what’s your take on this?

  13. Charissa

    Doris~ Great thoughts on sit-ups! You are right, full situps done too many times can be a bit hard on the back. I prefer crunches! Crunches work the abdominal muscles really well without putting too much compression on your joints/spine. Doing crunches on a ball are even better as you get a greater range of motion (as opposed to the floor version).

    Also, have you tried using my Fitness Pal? I started using that after I this post was up and found I really loved it as you can put in your own info (I cook most of my food too!).

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