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Shopping for Groceries on the Road (part 2)

I love Life

I’m in awe that our adventure has taken almost two months. In some ways, it feels like time has flown by and in other ways, it feels like we haven’t been home in forever.

My sister and I chat as we travel and the other day as I was raving about how excited I was to be coming home. That’s when I started to realize what things I have taken for granted.

Things like being able to make your own healthy breakfast. Or being able to workout daily. Of having your own bed and your own space. Time alone.

Little things. But when you’ve been gone almost two months the idea of making your own healthy meals just how you like them can make you giddy. And eating our own organic homemade whole wheat bread fresh out of the oven.

…But we haven’t fared badly at all. We shop for a lot of groceries when we travel…sometimes we stop at Subway for sandwiches or Tim Hortons for soup…but there is definitely a point where you get tired of it.

So here’s another list of some our favourite, healthy groceries to buy when you’re traveling:

Cereal – my Dad is gluten-free so we always make sure that he has a box of GF cereal for breakfast. But we will often pick up a box of wholegrain cereal for us girls…I love snacking on it as we go. But then, I just love cereal. It’s just kind of a thing for me.

Veggies and hummus – Hummus is a great way to incite more veggie eating. It’s much healthier than dips or dressings and has a bit of protein in there too. I heart hummus.

Hummus and Carrots

Notice I’m in the chocolate aisle. On to the next appropriate item…

DARK CHOCOLATE – This is something we all like to have for a little dessert after a meal. We discovered the gigantic Lindt bar of 75% dark chocolate and we’re all in love. It’s a nice way to indulge a little bit without going crazy.

Healthy Bars – I’m always wanting to try something new. New flavours of LaraBar. Clif Bars are great. Kind Bars, Back to Nature, and Luna bars are some other kinds I recommend.

Picnik collage 01

Fruit – We buy a ton of apples when we travel. And we just discovered that Mandarin oranges are just starting to be sold in grocery stores, so we picked up some of those…which I pigged out on. There’s just something about those oranges…maybe because it reminds me of Christmas. Anyway, any fruit makes us happy.

Yogurt – Our favourite is the creamy, Greek yogurt, so we always get excited when we find it in the store. One little carton has 12-15g of protein!

Picnik collage2

Peanut Butter – This is always a great thing to have in your cooler…if there’s nothing else to eat, you can at least spread this on bread or crackers…or apples. And I must confess, sometimes I just eat it by the spoon. My sister is the one who told me to try it…I have never forgiven her…she started something deliciously bad.

Organic Corn Chips – These are good because they don’t have all those flavourings or MSG stuff slathered all over every chip. Just a nice snack when you want something salty. This is my Dad’s new favourite!

And off topic…here’s my very newest boyfriend.

Me and the Man

I even wrote a poem about him…

“We are tight, because it was love at first sight.”

That’s all there is to the poem. I have a feeling in my gut that it will be a short relationship. He’s just too far away and I can’t take his sense of style.

Haha, anyway…

If you want more ideas for healthy grocery shopping on the road, go check out part 1.

If you have any questions for me or something you’re curious about….comment here and I will get to your questions in the near future!

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3 Responses to “Shopping for Groceries on the Road (part 2)”

  1. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    Great post! and…um… poem! Ahahah! :)

  2. Kelly @ Free Spirit Food

    So good… I personally usually indulge in all kinds of bad fast food on the road, but you have inspired me!

  3. Cate

    I looove Lindt chocolate… especially the super dark (85% or 90%!) varieties. Hope you’re enjoying being back at home :)

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