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Quebec, Maritimes, and What I Think of Anne

It’s so fun to think I’ve been all over Canada in the last month and a half. I’m so privileged that we can do this! Besides all the concerts we’ve been doing over and over…we’ve managed to get quite a bit of sightseeing in as well.

We were able to do a little bit of shopping in Quebec and then visit Old Montreal, which is just beautiful. The architecture and the cobblestone streets are worth seeing!

Maritimes Tour 013

The both of us thought it would be absolutely the most fitting thing to do to get a pastry there. But then we found the gelato shop! We caved. (Just so you know, hazelnut gelato with chocolate gelato tastes like Nutella! Kind of AMAZING!)

Oh, and if you want to try a healthy gelato recipe, check out my Coconut Gelato Recipe!

Maritimes Tour 027

And I also met a new boyfriend in New Brunswick. Love at first sight. There’s just something about a man in law enforcement. (have to say, I’m worried about him though…I think he’s anemic) He needs to drink some of my spinach smoothies.

Maritimes Tour 037

The views in the Maritimes are just enchanting!

Maritimes Tour 190

Maritimes Tour 133

We were able to spend a little bit of time sightseeing in PEI, it’s was so close! Breathtaking.

Maritimes Tour 314

We even went to Anne’s house. And we walked the haunted wood.  A frightful experience…I can see why it’s called haunted. Not really.

Fall Tour Maritimes 045

Maritimes Tour 258

I look good as a redhead, no? Have to say, I love the books of Anne and the two first movies…but I think all the hype on the island about Anne is crazy. She’s fictional…all the same, I can understand why people are so endeared to her. She is pretty sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my life on the road!

Have you ever been to the Maritimes? What do you think of Anne?

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7 Responses to “Quebec, Maritimes, and What I Think of Anne”

  1. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    I love the Maritimes and Anne of Green Gables! It was my fave book as a kid :)

  2. Julie

    I’ve only been to Toronto, but this is making me want to visit more of Canada! It looks beautiful!

  3. Shae

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  4. Kat

    Hi Charissa. SImply beautiful. I hope to be able to wander around Canada one day! There is a lot of fiction being turned into tourist attractions around here – just think Lord of the Rings! I think I even have a photo of the sign of the town of Matamata that says ‘Welcome to Hobbitton’. I am so glad you are having a great time. Kat :-)

  5. Nikki @ The Tolerant Vegan

    Oh my gosh! I just took this same trip back in June! I’m so glad you loved it. I completely fell in love with PEI. I can’t wait to go back.

  6. Ali

    Cute pics! Especially love the coast shots. Hope you are staying warm!

  7. Samantha

    My lovely boyfriend lives in Quebec City! I was there in October, absolutely beautiful! Hopefully my future home. Love the red hair! ps. i’m jealous of your new boyfriend. so handsome. :)

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