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Get Rid of Dry Skin


Do you have dry skin? Some people really struggle with it in the wintertime, but I seem to have it all year. But I’m starting to finally balance my skin out and it’s a lot more moist lately! Now my skin is hardly ever dry!

Here’s some things that have helped me with dry skin:

  • I think the hugest thing that has been helping my skin stay moist is I now wash my face a different way than I used to. I use the oil cleansing method, which has been amazing for my skin! It also seems to help lessen breakout and improve skin tone. You simply use a mixture of castor oil (more of this for oily skin) and extra virgin olive oil (or more of this for dry skin) and massage it all over your face at nighttime. Then you steam your face with a hot washcloth for a couple minutes and then rinse it off. There’s no soap involved! It takes makeup off like nobody’s business (way better than those expensive bottles you buy). There’s a great article by Simple Mom which goes into more detail.
  • I used to get irritated, flaky skin by my eyes and couldn’t figure it out…then I realized that it was because I was taking my eye makeup off with harsh soap. My solution: Coconut oil…this works WAY better than any typical, store bought remover and hydrates your the sensitive skin around eyes at the same time. I love this stuff SO much!
  • Baking soda! When my skin actually looks so dry it has flakes, this is the perfect answer! It leaves your skin super soft. Just be gentle when you use it as it can be irritating if you scrub too hard or too long. Be sure to moisturize afterwards with a dollop of olive or coconut oil. Wipe off excess with a tissue.
  • Washcloth! Use it gentle, circular motions on your face and it should do what the baking soda does…slough off the dead skin cells.
  • Do a little spa treatment. Here’s one that I do occasionally, and yes, it sounds a little odd. I first scrub my face with baking soda. Then I steam my face with a hot washcloth for about 30-60 seconds. After that I put Miracle Whip on my face until it’s dry and gummy, about 10 minutes. (I know, it’s weird!).  Then I rub it in circular motions and wash it off. Then moisturize with a good face lotion. Wala! Your skin is all pink, silky, and soft!

A couple more tips for you!

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. You have to moisturize from the inside out!

2. Try an MSM lotion with is repairing, renewing, and super absorbent.

3. Make sure you get enough fats in your diet…coconut, avocado, olives, yogurt…you get the idea. If you don’t get enough dietary fats it will show up in your skin. I’m a huge fan of healthy fats!

4. Exercise! When you get that rosy flush from working out, that means you’re stimulating your circulation in your face, which is really healthy! I haven’t been able work out much lately because of busy-ness, but yesterday I got about 5-6 hours of volleyball in, so that was uber fun! Today I’ll try to get a good workout in too…

What do you do to combat dry skin? Any fun tips to share?

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8 Responses to “Get Rid of Dry Skin”

  1. Sarah Cherim

    A fish oil supplement is really great for your skin (and more) especially if you don’t get enough healthy fats in your diet. I used to have really dry skin because my workplace has really dry air. I simply use a humidifier at night when it is really bad, and it works beautifully.

  2. Nadia

    Nice one! I have dry skin only on the hands, but I’m fighting it for years now. Will try the castor / olive oil solution immediately :)

  3. Dry Patches On Face

    Aloe is amazing for instant relief. On the long run, olive oil helps too for dry and flaky skin

  4. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Those are some good tips. The skin on my face isn’t dry, but the rest of my body is, especially after returning from our beach vacation. The sand, sun and chlorine really did a number of me. I ended up using ShiKai Borage Therapy dry skin lotion all over to help my skin feel normal again.

  5. Amirah

    I’ve always had really dry skin and my solution was to slather on more and more moisturiser. But then I started reading about all the chemicals they put in manufacture products and decided to go natural. I stopped using any face cream or wash and instead use a baking soda and honey mixture once a week. It’s worked out great so far! Also, I try not to wash my face too much as it can be quite dehydrating. Haven’t tried the coconut oil but I hear it does wonders! I learnt most of this stuff from a really great website, it’s called ‘No More Dirty Looks’, promotes natural and sustainable beauty regimes :)

  6. elise x

    Should I trust someone who can’t spell “voila”?

  7. Charissa

    Elise~ Haha, in our family I we always say “Wala!” We’ve obviously not too French. :)

  8. Minyak atsiri

    vegetable oils such as olive oil mixed with essential oils such as jasmine and chamomile oil will be good as natural moisturizer..

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