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5 Great Exercises for Warm Up


It’s Motivational Monday and today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite exercises for warming up before a workout. Honestly, I never used to care about warming up. I’d just jump right into my workout. Not the best idea. However, now I’m a Continue reading »

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Amazing Abs Workout and Bulu Boxes


This month has been amazing! Doing the July Smoothie Challenge has not only upped my nutrition, I’ve also really been focused on my fitness goals. Pretty much every day of this month (apart from my rest day, Sunday) I’ve been getting about an Continue reading »

18 comments » | Reviews, Workouts

Wake Up Call Workout


I put up my workout/fitness posts on Monday (or Motivational Monday as I call them), but we’ve been having such a wonderful time with my sister and her kids that I didn’t want to sacrifice any family time to get a post put together.

I find that I’m super slow in the morning. I am just NOT a morning person…I just sort of wander around the house getting stuff done. It’s probably the only time of day where I’m completely silent. If anyone needs a wakeup call…it’s me. Continue reading »

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Every Day Ab Routine


Hello Colourful Palate readers! Nice to meet ya! My name is Carissa. Yes, there are multiple tall, blonde, healthy-minded “Charissa/Carissa” bloggers! Craziness!

I’m honored Charissa asked me to Continue reading »

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5 Fitness and Health Apps I Like


Ipod 01

There are tons of amaaaazing apps out there. However, since I have a pretty busy day happening (think course finals!) I won’t tell you about ALL the apps I’m nuts about. However…I want to quickly tell you about a few of my favourites Continue reading »

13 comments » | Fitness, Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Workouts

Fab Abs Workout (& smoothie)


Avocado Smoothie 003

Hope everyone had an awesome Valentines! I know I did…I spent most of my day studying and catching up on projects, doing a quick workout, making Valentine notes, and hanging out with my family for our special Continue reading »

7 comments » | Drinks & Smoothies, Vegan, Workouts

Shaky Leg Workout


Dumbells 01

Something I’ve wanted to focus on, here at Colourful Palate, is workout features and fitness routines. I decided that once the New Year rolled around, I’d start making that more of a priority with my site. Fitness is a big part of my life, especially now that I’m going into that field as Continue reading »

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