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Colourful Things

7 Colourful Things


I have to say how great it is to be back into blogging again! I’m currently studying for some personal training exams, so I won’t be on my computer a lot in the next couple weeks…however, just starting to blog regularly again is wonderful. Once I get a couple important life goals done in the next couple months, there will be some exciting changes here! I have honestly missed regularly connecting with you all.

So today there are 7 Colourful Things I’m thankful for and Number 1 is you! Thanks for sticking through all of this with me!

Full Moons and Late Night Walks

2. Evening walks – I have started regularly going on evening walks. When the day is full and crazy, it’s just a very peaceful way to end the day to pray, think, or just get some gentle exercise. I love being where people are, so I often go to a local park. I usually bump into someone I know, which make it all the better. People are my jam.

Laughin Cow Cheese

3. Laughing Cow Cheese – Dreamy, creamy and ridiculously delicious. It’s one of the staples that is always in my fridge. The Queso Fresco and Chipotle is my favourite! Whatever your snacking style or current craving, I feel like Laughing Cow works for everything. If I’m craving something sweet, the Creamy Swiss is delcious with fresh cherries or raspberries for a low calorie dessert. Or, if I’m feeling salty and savoury, I like the cheese on little wholegrain crackers. I also really like the cheese rolled up on tortillas or sandwhiches for lunch. Hello yum. (Disclosure: Laughing Cow allowed me to try their cheese for free, but I would buy it anyway AND I was not paid for these cheesy, but loving thoughts of mine.)

Sister Love and Smoothies

4. My sister – This girl will always be on my favourite list…but after my graduation we got to spend the weekend together, so that was special…and I can’t wait to spend more time with this beauty queen!

Runners World Beginners Guid to Running

5. Running for Beginners Book – Runners World sent me this book to read and I’m excited…because I’ve gotten out of running because, bluntly put, I was bored of it. While I’m not going to get all crazy and run like I used to (check out my full marathon post!), I think it’ll be fun to read and try a new program, or some new tips. I’m a huge fan or Runner’s World and all their books. Always a fabulous source of quality information.

Also, you might’ve noticed me doing more book photos on my Instagram…if you want to see what great reads I’m digging, check out my new hashtag #colourfulreads!

Salad and Low Carb Cheesy Tortillas

6. Low Carb Tortillas and Salads – My perfect lunch. I get tired of the same foods all the time (except for a few favourites!) and am constantly rotating foods in my fridge…but currently, this is a lunch I still am digging! For me, I love a simple salad especially with a good oil and some gourmet sea salt. I really want to try some new oils lately…and this Macadamia Oil caught my eye (actually the whole health webstore did…all my favourite superfoods on there!). I feel like fresh, unique oils are what make a salad gourmet and extravagant, yet simplistically divine! For the tortilla, all you do is stick some cheese and veggies in a low carb wrap, fold, heat, slice, and serve with greek yogurt and salsa…and waaaala! Deliciousness everywhere.


7. Doodling – It’s a habit and I like it. And this quote…is exactly how my life is right now. Full and tiring, but happy. I think maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.

What are a couple things you’re thankful for and bring colour into your week?

Disclosure: Sometimes with my 7 Colourful Things feature, there will be free product or sponsorship to try a product or refer to a great site. However, I only post about things I like or am interested in. These sponsored posts keep me doing what I love…blogging…recipe creating…and also allow me to go grocery shopping and buy salad greens…because I like kale.

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7 Colourful Things


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7 Colourful Things


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7 Colourful Things


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