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How I Got Rid of My Caffeine Addiction



A few days before I was discharged from the hospital (after my accident), I had a mind blowing revelation. I had not drank coffee (except for a couple sips) for 2 weeks! I didn’t even have withdrawal symptoms! Ok, granted, I had massive headaches which I’ve Continue reading »

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April Instagram Challenge


Instagram Challenge for April

Oh Spring. How I love you.

I love not getting up when it’s still dark – hot lemon in the morning – reading more – going on walks (my current main form of exercise) – drinking tea ALL day long – wearing cardigans and Continue reading »

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The Healing Plan


my very flexible holistic recovery plan2

First off, I just want to thank you for the love and kindness sent my way after the last post about the car accident.

I have to say, I sure do like being alive. One reader commented,” You have more colour to add to life,” and she’s right. God has given each one of us a purpose, so we’re alive until we finish what we’re created to do! That’s super encouraging!

As I’m healing, I probably won’t Continue reading »

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Love Your Heart


Love Your Heart

Did you know that February is Love Your Heart month? With all the hearts, chocolates, and flowers that inundate every store I walk into, I thought it was more like “Love someone else’s heart” month and then buy them 5 pounds of expensive chocolate

Continue reading »

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Still the New Year


Commit to Change - You're worth it!

Although we’ve only just entered the month of February, it’s still the New Year, which means one thing – getting healthier and fit! Topping all New Years resolutions all over the world, getting fit and fighting the

Continue reading »

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Choosing Health in the Busy


Amidst the busy-ness of finals, work, social commitments, church, and family…I’ve been having a harder time making real meals and finding time to get to the gym. The way my schedule is set up, the only time I can usually make it to the gym is around Continue reading »

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25 Low Sugar Snacks


25 Low Sugar Snacks

I am now in the position of packing snacks a lot. At home, you just grab whatever is lying around or in the fridge, but when you’re constantly on the go…you HAVE to pack snacks. Or else, if you’re like me, you find a little spot on the sidewalk and lie down because you have no strength to carry on.

You’ve probably gathered by now…I don’t like to Continue reading »

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