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My Spirulina Obsession



You guys know I love that green stuff…spirulina. I take it every single day.

Ever since I started taking it, I noticed so many benefits – better immune system, better cold protection, smoother/clearer skin, my Continue reading »

7 comments » | Healthy Living

Make Your Smoothies Super


Spirulina Smoothie 02

I love a simple smoothie. A banana. Some almond milk. Maybe a little cocoa and I’m all set up for a happy meal.

However, I love how smoothies can be a vehicle for extra nutrients. When I have a smoothie, I usually try to add a least one “superfood” to get that extra boost of vitamins/minerals in my diet.

Superfoods are a bit of a buzz word in Continue reading »

10 comments » | Healthy Living

How to Take Spirulina


Smoothie girl

I have figured out the best way to take spirulina! While I love my spirulina smoothies, sometimes it’s nice just to have a fruit one that isn’t…you know, green.

Here’s my solution: Mix just the Continue reading »

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Little Goals All the Time


First of all, I loved reading all your comments on Project Morning Person! For all you early birds that commented with your fantastic tips, thank you – I’m sure I’ll need every single tip you posted! For all you night owls, I’m with you and it’s nice to know Continue reading »

16 comments » | Healthy Living

Smoothie Love


I can’t tell you how much fun this smoothie challenge has been! Whenever you send in your entries I get a smile on my face.

I have to say though; the entries that have Continue reading »

26 comments » | Drinks & Smoothies

Superhero Smoothie


Superhero Smoothie 01

It seems the busier life gets…the more headaches I get…the more tired I feel…the more susceptible I am to colds.

It’s easy to reach for coffee or chocolate on a hectic day, but those are the days I really need that extra nutritional boost…something to Continue reading »

21 comments » | Dairy Free, Drinks & Smoothies, Gluten Free, Protein, Recipes, Vegan

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