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Cheesy low carb pasta bake made with spaghetti squash

Low Carb Alfredo Bake


The secret to indulging my “I want pasta” mood…is the most honoured spaghetti squash. It’s the most magical vegetable in my universe. It also needs to be smothered in cheese. Because. And no, I don’t need a real reason. Cheese doesn’t need a reason. Ever

Wendys BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

Girlfriend Lunch Out


While you know I’m not a big fan of typical fast food, I really do like having healthier BUT convenient options when I’m out and about. Whether I’m on a road trip or forgot my lunch, it’s great to see more fast food places incorporating some healthier options. A few days ago a girlfriend and I tried

Spirulina Guacamole

Spirulina Guacamole


It’s high time we have another spirulina recipe again. Those of you have who followed my blog for a while will know that this green stuff rocks my little world. Why is that, you say… Well, here are some reasons it’s good for you, but I noticed a huge difference with my hormonal imbalances, energy, and even my skin! Really, I also just like it… Read More

Carrot Avocado Coconut Soup

Carrot Avocado and Coconut Soup


Where I live, we’re having issues with the whole spring thing. My birthday happens to fall on the first day of spring, the 20th of March, and despite my insistent belief that I was the one that brought spring to earth…I somehow feel that is now a lie. It just keeps snowing and

NuNaturals Stevia

NuNaturals Giveaway


Updated: Congratulations to Rebecca, Elizabeth, Jay, and Linda! Every single day I use stevia. However, I’m pretty picky about the kind I use. There are certain brands of stevia that have a wee bit of an aftertaste, and while I’d prefer to use any stevia rather than sugar, I’d rather use something that

Cassey Ho Interview

Colourful People: Blogilates Cassey Ho


Today I’m really excited to introduce you to Cassey Ho from Blogilates! However, I’m not really sure I need to even “introduce” her to you, since she’s pretty famous in the fit world. I’ve followed her for several years and her determination, passion, and drive to succeed have inspired me. I love her vivacity for life and her

Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart


Did you know that February is Love Your Heart month? With all the hearts, chocolates, and flowers that inundate every store I walk into, I thought it was more like “Love someone else’s heart” month and then buy them 5 pounds of expensive chocolate

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