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Peanut Butter Protein Shake


This whole month I’ve been focusing on the little things I can do to feel better, keep healing my body, and lose my attachment to some unhealthy habits. One of the things I’ve decided to do is add Vega’s maca to my everyday supplement list. Why is maca so great? Maca regulates hormonal imbalances, improves strength and energy, is a memory enhancer, increases

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Week 3 of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge (giveaway closed)


We have made it 3 weeks of a smoothie a day! I’m proud of us. I’ve repeated some of my favourite smoothies, but I’ve been trying a ton of new ones…which adds excitement and keeps things fresh. I’m not sick of smoothies yet! In fact, I’ve often been having two a day! Blame it on this crazy hot sunshine. Keep reading below to find out… Read More

Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie

Colourful People: Philosophie’s Sophie Jaffe


You guys know I’ve been doing the Philosophie 14-day cleanse and how much I love the superfood line…so I’m so so excited to bring you the creator of all of this! Sophie has been such an incredible inspiration to me. She is certified as a raw food chef and

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18 Low Sugar Smoothie Recipes


I like making my own recipes, but this smoothie challenge has inspired me to dream of new tastes. All your photos have had me inspired and excited to try new flavours. So I asked some of my blog friends if they had some low sugar recipes they’d be willing to share with me – so I picked some of my favourites, a few of my… Read More

Chocolate Cacao Magic Smoothie

Week 2 of Colourful Smoothie Challenge


We are already at WEEK 2 of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge! I’ve been so blown away by all of you who have joined! Some of you have written me and said that your kids, husbands (and even a Grandma!), and friends are joining in! It’s so awesome, and even though a lot of people aren’t entering the contest part…it gives my heart warm fuzzies knowing… Read More

Evening Detox Tea with Philosophie Superfood Honey

What I’ve Been Eating on the Philosophie Cleanse (& recipe)


Guys, I’ve been loving this smoothie challenge so much. And pairing it with the Philosophie Cleanse was the best thing ever. If you think that doing a cleanse is too much work, or too hard…you obviously have not tried Sophie’s Philosophie Cleanse. I swear there is some sort of appetite suppressant in these superfoods…I’ve felt full the whole time. Honestly, I probably haven’t been

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Green Dream Smoothie


So far I’m loving the Philosophie Cleanse I’m doing. I’m drinking a ton of smoothies (sometimes a couple a day), and feeling great! I asked Sophie if I could share one (or two!) of her amazing recipes and graciously said I could. I swear everything that Sophie makes is magically delicious. Add lots of

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