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Still the New Year


Although we’ve only just entered the month of February, it’s still the New Year, which means one thing – getting healthier and fit! Topping all New Years resolutions all over the world, getting fit and fighting the

Low Carb German Pancake with Berry Sauce

Low Carb German Pancake


Mornings are always a huge rush for me, so I’ve started making a big pan of this German “pancake” to make life simpler. Ok, actually…because it’s really one of those favourite recipes I can’t stay away from

Make One change

One Change


I have never been about little changes. Oh no. I’m all about do it all big or go home… My personality has always been all or nothing…harmonious planning or a beautiful catastrophe. However, over the past few years I’ve been learning that the most effective way to bring change into your life is through baby steps. Small ideas you can turn into actions…and once you… Read More

Raw Dandelion Pesto Recipe

Dandelion Pesto


Like me, one of my amazing roommates is a health nut. She’s a genius at creating delicious-ness out of things like…dandelion greens. Once I first tasted her recipe for dandelion pesto, I asked her if I could share the goodness with you. I’ve only had dandelion greens in smoothies and juices

Refreshing Berry Cocoa Smoothie

Vega’s Protein Smoothie Recipes


Ya’ll know I’ve been a Vega fan for years. It was always my favourite and the most used protein in my cupboards. You also know I’m smoothie obsessed. Ridiculously so. When I was a young teenager I was a raw & vegan…so this was my

Morning yerba mate

7 Colourful Things


Welcome to another edition of things that make my life more colourful! I love doing this post because it reminds me of things that I have to be thankful for…

Low Carb Coffee Frappaccino

Low Carb Frappuccinos


Coffee has become a better friend than ever. I’ve adjusted my schedule quite drastically and I now get up outrageously early so that I can go to the gym before my morning classes hit. While this night owl still gets used to getting up while it’s still dark, coffee has become a staple. Hot or cold, it’s a blessing. However, currently my favourite way to… Read More

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