Favourite Things

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am obsessed with spirulina. Absolutely obsessed. Ever since I started taking it I have not gotten a single cold or been sick. That alone, would keep me as a lifelong spirulina junkie…but that’s not all. I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy, my body is more balanced, and even my skin is better. I’m hooked on this for life. I take it every single day, either in a tablet form or put the powder in my Superhero Smoothie.

Every Day Spirulina Smoothie

My favourite brand is the spirulina by Nutrex because the quality is absolutely top of the line. Take it every day and you will be happier. Word.

Superhero Smoothie 04

I love drybrushing and it’s the secret to smooth, soft, skin. However, it’s also great for cleansing the lymphatic system, helping digestion, toning muscles, getting rid of cellulite, stimulating circulation, removing dead skin, strengthening the immune system, and tightening the skin. It kind of wakes you up in the morning, which is one of the reasons I really like it. Mornings and I don’t get along. I use the drybrush by Yerba Prima and I love it because the handle is detachable and the fibers are natural.

Yerba Prima Dry Brush