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The Healing Plan


my very flexible holistic recovery plan2

First off, I just want to thank you for the love and kindness sent my way after the last post about the car accident.

I have to say, I sure do like being alive. One reader commented,” You have more colour to add to life,” and she’s right. God has given each one of us a purpose, so we’re alive until we finish what we’re created to do! That’s super encouraging!

As I’m healing, I probably won’t Continue reading »

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Love Your Heart


Love Your Heart

Did you know that February is Love Your Heart month? With all the hearts, chocolates, and flowers that inundate every store I walk into, I thought it was more like “Love someone else’s heart” month and then buy them 5 pounds of expensive chocolate

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Still the New Year


Commit to Change - You're worth it!

Although we’ve only just entered the month of February, it’s still the New Year, which means one thing – getting healthier and fit! Topping all New Years resolutions all over the world, getting fit and fighting the

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Choosing Health in the Busy


Amidst the busy-ness of finals, work, social commitments, church, and family…I’ve been having a harder time making real meals and finding time to get to the gym. The way my schedule is set up, the only time I can usually make it to the gym is around Continue reading »

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25 Low Sugar Snacks


25 Low Sugar Snacks

I am now in the position of packing snacks a lot. At home, you just grab whatever is lying around or in the fridge, but when you’re constantly on the go…you HAVE to pack snacks. Or else, if you’re like me, you find a little spot on the sidewalk and lie down because you have no strength to carry on.

You’ve probably gathered by now…I don’t like to Continue reading »

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9 Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Freshman 15


9 Tips to Avoid The Dreaded Freshman 15

Life is crazy. I’ve moved back to the city and Wednesday was my first day back at the Exercise Science program. It feels strange to be back…but it’s good. I haven’t been around much on the internet, because not only has it been busy getting my little self organized, but I haven’t had internet (and sadly, still don’t!), so it’s been just snatches here Continue reading »

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August Colourful Smoothie Challenge Recap


Morning Smoothie

Our smoothie challenge is almost over! Crazy! I can’t say enough amazing things about you guys…every day you’d send me emails/tweets/messages and they all inspired me! You guys KILLED it!

Just one more day after this (but I’m forever and always a smoothie addict!). The scores are super Continue reading »

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