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Spirulina Pina Colada


I know I said that my Most Decadent Strawberry Milkshake was going to be my last smoothie of the challenge, but then I realized I hadn’t posted this recipe.

Spirulina Pina Colado Recipe

A month of smoothies is not complete until I feature a recipe with my favourite superfood…spirulina. I’ve posted about it a lot, but spirulina is one of my favourite superhero foods.

  • It’s very high in chlorophyll – which builds healthy blood, promotes better circulation, and helps reduce inflammation – so basically it helps everything…I think of chlorophyll as liquid energy
  • Boosts energy
  • Heals (and detoxes) your body

What Supplements I Take Every Day

It’s like my daily multivitamin and the brand that I adore, is Nutrex (one of the sponsors for this smoothie challenge and a FABULOUS customer-caring company!). I take these with my daily lemon water every morning.

Also, isn’t my glass straw from Strawesome so fun?!

Spirulina Pina Colado Smoothie

Anyway, back to the recipe!

 Spirulina Pina Coloada

  1.  2 cups fresh pineapple
  2. 1 cup coconut milk
  3. 1-2 tsp. spirulina*
  4. stevia, to taste**
  5. 6+ ice cubes
  6. coconut flakes and pineapple slices, to garnish

*Or use Nutrex’s wonderful new superfood blend, the Complete Green (which is what I did).
**I used NuNaturals orange stevia drops for more of a fruity flavour

Blend everything into submission. Adding banana is a great idea too, but I felt like the pineapple was high enough sugar for one meal (for me).

Spirulina Recipe Book and Green Complete Superfood by Nutrex

Love this Spirulina recipe book with some creative ways to try it (Superfood pizza? Or the spinach spirulina pancakes? Whaaaa!)! Also, if you like the idea of taking spirulina but don’t love the taste, here’s an easy way to take it that won’t make you feel like you’re committing tastebud suicide.

Pineapple used in a Superfood Spirulina Pina Colado

To me, nothing says summer more than pineapple!

I’ll see you tomorrow with the winners of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge!

Also, this is the last day to get some discounts for some of the sponsors (Strawesome has extended their coupon another month!).

  • NuNaturals: 15% discount on entire order, just use this code: BLG0615 This discount remains effective until June 30, 2015.
  • StationStickers: 15% discount. Use coupon code: COLOURFULPALATE
  • Strawesome: 15% any order through the end of July. Coupon code: SMOOTHIE15

Much love! xo

Have you jumped on the spirulina band wagon yet? What fruit spells summer for you?

Disclaimer: Occasionally, I may have affiliate links or sponsored posts that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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The Most Decadent Strawberry Milkshake


Low Carb Decadent Strawberry Milkshake (no sugar, THM (S) friendly, low carb)

The challenge is almost over. I feel like there is no better way to end it than to share one of the most decadent smoothies (or more truthfully, a milkshake!) I’ve made this whole month.

Have you ever had a Continue reading »

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Matcha Monsoon Smoothie (my way)


Peppermint Cacao Matcha Protein Smoothie

Years ago I used to frequent Booster Juice all the time. It was my favourite place in the world. Now, as I’ve learned more about nutrition and blood sugar/pH, I save most smoothie shops for “treat day”. In the average store-bought smoothie there is a ridiculously high amount of Continue reading »

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Week 4 of Colourful Smoothie Challenge


This week had it’s challenges. First, our blender broke. I was wondering how I could continue making smoothies for the challenge. You kind of need a blender.

Then we went on a 3 day trip (11 hours one way!) for a wedding. It was a desolate trip, we didn’t go through many cities (and finding a smoothie shop never happened) and all the towns we went through could only offer us slurpies. Nah.

Turns out, if you get Continue reading »

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Planning for Happiness


Part of this week’s challenge was to plan ahead.

I’ve always been the girl who has too many plans and too many ideas. They overwhelm me if I don’t get them on paper into manageable lists. And yes, I am a list-aholic.  Moleskin journals, notebooks, the notepad on my i-Phone, and planners galore are the only reason I stay somewhat sane Continue reading »

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Peanut Butter Protein Shake


This whole month I’ve been focusing on the little things I can do to feel better, keep healing my body, and lose my attachment to some unhealthy habits.

One of the things I’ve decided to do is add Vega’s maca to my everyday supplement list. Why is maca so great? Maca regulates hormonal imbalances, improves strength and energy, is a memory enhancer, increases Continue reading »

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Week 3 of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge (giveaway closed)


We have made it 3 weeks of a smoothie a day! I’m proud of us.

I’ve repeated some of my favourite smoothies, but I’ve been trying a ton of new ones…which adds excitement and keeps things fresh. I’m not sick of smoothies yet! In fact, I’ve often been having two a day! Blame it on this crazy hot sunshine. Keep reading below to find out what this weekly challenge is (and to enter a sweet giveaway!).

I have now completed two-weeks of my Philosophie Cleanse and I have been super happy with it (read what I’ve been eating). I felt great the whole time, maybe a little tired…but it’s hard for me to distinguish what causes that (since that’s a side affect since my accident). Like I mentioned before, I was rarely hungry and felt like, on a cellular level, my body was satisfied with nutrition so it had no reason to “be hungry”. This is not actual science, it’s just my own thoughts. I’m still obsessing over Philosophie’s superfoods and put them in all my smoothies.

Philosophie Superfoods for every smoothie

My bases are quite clearly covered. Thanks again to Sophie for being part of this challenge and letting me try the 2-week cleanse! Read a fun interview I did with her here – she shares her “secrets” to a successful, passionate business, her routine for fitness, and her diet/beauty secrets!

So back to WEEK 3 of the COLOURFUL SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Here is your new weekly challenge!

Now onto the fun stuff! I said that if you did any one of the weekly challenges you were eligible to win a surprise prize! Well, it’s here!!

My friend Clark works for Quest and he set up a super sweet giveaway. I have loved Quest for-eeeeeeva. Why? They are a protein bar that tastes like dessert (smores or oreos anyone?) and yet it’s nutritional profile is great. For example, one of my fave Quest bars is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar and it has 1g sugar, 3 net carbs, is high fibre, and no gluten. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

However, Quest went overboard and is giving away their new protein CHIPS (whaaa!) and some of their protein shake packets!

Win all of this @questnutrition goodness from @colourfulpalate! Protein chips, protein bars, and protein powder!

Check out this haul! Yah, you want some! I haven’t tried their protein powder yet (follow me on IG and I’ll post my thoughts on it soon!). However, I have tried their chips and they are a happy mix of a crisp cracker and a chip. When I’m craving the munchies this is the perfect go-to. I love their BBQ flavour.


First thing’s first. You have to have done at least one of the weekly challenges to be eligible to win! I’ve put the other two week’s challenge videos below so you can run and do one of the challenges, and enter right away! It doesn’t matter if you’re late to the party or are not part of the Colourful Smoothie Challenge, just do at least one of the weekly challenges. Open to US and Canadian residents. However, if it’s a Canadian winner, Quest isn’t able to send them chips or protein powder, so they’ll replace that with another box of bars. At the moment, they’re not shipping those internationally.

Now comment below and tell me what your goals were for one of the weekly challenges! I’ll announce the winner on the 22nd of this month!

Optional entries (in a separate comment tell me each thing you did ):

UPDATE: Brenda Penton is the winner! Congratulations and thank you to all who entered!

Good luck! I’ll see you on Wednesday! xo

Disclaimer: Occasionally, I may have affiliate links or sponsored posts that allow me to continue blogging and pay for my long list of smoothie ingredients. Thank you for your support! xo

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