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Almost There

This last week between work, I’ve been studying like mad.

Or trying to. I admit that when there is studying that require algebra skills, however simple the problem, I tend to daydream and spend four times the amount really needed. It’s terrible really. Numbers are not my jam.

So what have I been studying for, you wonder. Haven’t I graduated?

Well yes, I now have a diploma in Exercise Science, which is fabulous, but it doesn’t really make me a credible personal trainer. This is quite silly since I know lots of people who do a two month personal training course and are considered certified…and yet, I’ve taken two years of schooling and am not.

Breakfast on the go

Anywho…the day before yesterday I packed my oatmeal and iced green tea for breakfast and made the trek to the big city to take my theory exam with CSEP.

Despite all the algebra involved, I happily passed! To celebrate, I may or may not have gone shopping in the mall afterwards. Guilty is charged.

Almost there

Now all I have to do is the practical exam for it and I’ll be certified! Hopefully in a month all of this will be done!


Everyday be your best

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3 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. Lois

    Great — good for you! Numbers were never my forte, either. But I did manage to pass. BTW are you going to change your winter picture?

  2. Anne

    Too happy for words for you girl! You rock!

  3. Masala Girl

    That is AWESOE! congrats!!

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